Required tools

  • Sun JDK7
  • Apache Maven (3.3.9 or later)


The Apache OpenMeetings HTML websites are generated from XML files. You edit the XML files, run the MAVEN command

mvn install -P allModules,unpacked
that generates the HTML files and then you copy generated HTML files into appropriate place and commit to SVN both: XML and HTML files.

The website itself uses JQuery to generate the menu, the pop images and the image slider at the landing page.

Editing the website

OpenMeetings website ( is a copy from the SVN repository.
The file in the SVN to be synced are at:

To update the website you need to checkout trunk:
edit the files in the folder openmeetings-server/src/site
then you run the command:
mvn install -Dunpacked=true
control the output locally in the folder openmeetings-server/target/server/webapps/openmeetings/docs/
copy site contents into target folder:
cp -r openmeetings-server/target/server/webapps/openmeetings/docs/* ../site/
And then commit your changes into the SVN both the edited xml(s) and generated html files.

The public website is automatically synced with the SVN repository.
Changes to the SVN should be immediately synced to the production website.
If not you might login to,
cd to /www/
and run the linux command "touch" on the files that need to be synced

Adding a new menu entry

To add a new menu entry in the left side panel you need to modify the file:

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