You can find Nightly Builds of the software at:

These instructions are for 3.0.x version only

How to Build a Distribution

To build a binary release of OpenMeetings you need:

Get the source:

svn checkout

Run the command:


There is no need to compile the client additionally! The ant task does it all! You will find a directory dist that contains OpenMeetings and a red5-server.

To compile the client you can also use ant:

ant                             # compiles a complete package into the folder dist
ant compile.laszlo.main         # compiles the client into main.as3.swf10.swf and main.swf8.swf
ant compile.laszlo.main.debug   # compiles the debug-client into maindebug.as3.swf10.swf and maindebug.swf8.swf
ant -Ddb=<name of DB>           # will copy <name of DB>_persistense.xml to persistense.xml
                                #(for ex. ant -Ddb=mysql will set mysql as default DB)


To compile just the openmeetings JAR file:

ant jar.only

To run Junit tests using ANT see JUnitTesting

Run, Develop, Test

To develop or build OpenMeetings you checkout the source as Eclipse project. You need the Subclipse or Subversive Plugin for Eclipse. If you just need to change 3 lines of code then your probably better switch to How to build a distribution .

Step1 - Get required Software

To develop OpenMeetings you need at least:

  • Eclipse in a up to date copy and Oracle JDK7
  • Apache ANT (minimum) 1.8.3
  • Subclipse 1.8 (Subversion 1.7 required!)
  • SVN Command line client (Subversion 1.7 required!)
  • Spring IDE for Eclipse (installable via Help > Eclipse Marketplace)
  • Apache IvyDEâ„¢ For Eclipse (installable via Help > Install New Software) URL: detailed steps can be found here:
  • MySQL (or Postgres, or other Databases supported by openJPA) are optionally but handy to have them

Step2 - Download the Source

Advanced Users: Check out the Code from the Repository as a Java project into Eclipse.


To download the required JARs for building and developing OpenMeetings you need to run the ANT comand:

ant -Ddb=<your_DB> dist prepare-eclipse

After the ANT command you need to press F5 and rebuild the project from inside Eclipse


1) Start Eclipse

2) Change Perspective to SVN Repository Exploring:

3) Select SVN Repository Exploring and click ok.

4) A new Dialog in Eclipse opens SVN Repositories

5) Click on the icon with the plus in the top right corner in the SVN Repository Dialog

6) Add the URL and click Finish

7) After download is complete you see a new Source Repository in the Repository Explorer. Right click on it and choose checkout

8) In the Dialog the opens now just click next

9) In the next Dialog just click Finish, Eclipse will then download the sources

10) After the download is complete you will see a new Project in the Package Explorer Dialog of Eclipse

11) Please run
ant dist prepare-eclipse
to download all necessary jar files, and perform source Refresh to resolve all compilation issues.

Step3 - Deploy and Run

see the first chapter about the ANT tasks to compile the code. You will find a directory called dist which contains a regular openmeetings including red5. You can then use the usual process like described at installation to run the code then.

Tips and Gotchas

When you want to develop only client side there are handy ANT tasks so that you only rebuild the SWFs, same for the Java side.

It also takes much less time if you do use MySQL as database then rebuilding the software and waiting for Apache Derby to set up the database everytime you did rebuild.

Working behind a proxy: If you are sitting behind a proxy you should add some proxy settings before starting the build process.
For Apache Ivy see:
For SVN Command Line Client (From CollabNet 1.7) see:

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