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singa-incubating-0.2.0 Release Notes

SINGA is a general distributed deep learning platform for training big deep learning models over large datasets. It is designed with an intuitive programming model based on the layer abstraction. SINGA supports a wide variety of popular deep learning models.

This release includes the following major features:

More details are listed as follows,

  • Programming model
    • [SINGA-80] New Blob Level and Address Level Math Operation Interface
    • [SINGA-82] Refactor input layers using data store abstraction
    • [SINGA-87] Replace exclude field to include field for layer configuration
    • [SINGA-110] Add Layer member datavec_ and gradvec_
    • [SINGA-120] Implemented GRU and BPTT (BPTTWorker)
  • Neuralnet layers
    • [SINGA-91] Add SoftmaxLayer and ArgSortLayer
    • [SINGA-106] Add dummy layer for test purpose
    • [SINGA-120] Implemented GRU and BPTT (GRULayer and OneHotLayer)
  • GPU training support
    • [SINGA-100] Implement layers using CUDNN for GPU training
    • [SINGA-104] Add Context Class
    • [SINGA-105] Update GUN make files for compiling cuda related code
    • [SINGA-98] Add Support for AlexNet ImageNet Classification Model
  • Model/Hybrid partition
    • [SINGA-109] Refine bridge layers
    • [SINGA-111] Add slice, concate and split layers
    • [SINGA-113] Model/Hybrid Partition Support
  • Python binding
    • [SINGA-108] Add Python wrapper to singa
  • Predict-only mode
    • [SINGA-85] Add functions for extracting features and test new data
  • Integrate with third-party tools
    • [SINGA-11] Start SINGA on Apache Mesos
    • [SINGA-78] Use Doxygen to generate documentation
    • [SINGA-89] Add Docker support
  • Unit test
    • [SINGA-95] Add make test after building
  • Other improvment
    • [SINGA-84] Header Files Rearrange
    • [SINGA-93] Remove the asterisk in the log tcp://*:49152
    • [SINGA-94] Move call to google::InitGoogleLogging() from Driver::Init() to main()
    • [SINGA-96] Add Momentum to Cifar10 Example
    • [SINGA-101] Add ll (ls -l) command in .bashrc file when using docker
    • [SINGA-114] Remove short logs in tmp directory
    • [SINGA-115] Print layer debug information in the neural net graph file
    • [SINGA-118] Make protobuf LayerType field id easy to assign
    • [SIGNA-97] Add HDFS Store
  • Bugs fixed
    • [SINGA-85] Fix compilation errors in examples
    • [SINGA-90] Miscellaneous trivial bug fixes
    • [SINGA-107] Error from loading pre-trained params for training stacked RBMs
    • [SINGA-116] Fix a bug in InnerProductLayer caused by weight matrix sharing