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How to Contribute Documentation

This document gives step-by-step instructions for deploying Singa website.

Singa website is managed by Apache CMS.

Singa website is built by Maven from a source tree stored in svn:

Edit Source Content

You can edit source content in 2 ways:

  1. Use the CMS UI through your web browser:
    • Go to and install the bookmarklet.
    • Go to the webpage you want to modify.
    • Click the installed ASF CMS bookmarklet which enable you to browse the content in CMS.
    • Navigate to the content you want to modify and click the button “Edit”.
    • Once you have modified the content, commit with the button “Submit”.
  2. Checkout with svn and work locally:
    • Checkout the source content: svn co
    • Modify the content with your favorite text editor.
    • Test website in local: mvn site.
    • Check-in source modifications.

A video tutorial on how to use the CMS is available here.

If you are not a committer and want to edit the content, please see here. A video tutorial for anonymous users is available here.

After source tree is modified in svn, a Buildbot job is triggered:

  1. It builds the HTML site using maven-site-plugin: mvn site.
  2. It publishes generated HTML content to CMS staging svn area.
  3. Svnpubsub mechanism transfers svn CMS staging content to live CMS staging site:

Publish site content

If everything is good, publish modifications using CMS publish action.

Under the hood:

  1. CMS copies CMS staging svn area content to website production svn area.
  2. Svnpubsub mechanism transfers svn production content to live production site: