Package org.apache.wicket.resource

Locale aware resouce loaders.


Interface Summary
IPropertiesChangeListener To be implemented by listeners interested in PropertiesFactory events fired after a change to the properties has been detected
IPropertiesFactory Implementations are responsible for locating Properties objects, which are a thin wrapper around ValueMap and is used to locate localized messages.

Class Summary
ByteArrayResource This class can be used to easy make a Resource from a predefined byte array.
ContextRelativeResource Resource served from a file relative to the context root.
DynamicByteArrayResource Deprecated. use DynamicWebResource now
DynamicByteArrayResource.ResourceState This is a ResourceState subclasses should return in the getResourceState method.
Properties Kind of like java.util.Properties but based on Wicket's ValueMap and thus benefiting from all its nice build-in type converters and without parent properties.
PropertiesFactory Default implementation of IPropertiesFactory which uses the IResourceStreamLocator as defined by IResourceSettings.getResourceStreamLocator() to load the Properties objects.
ResourceUtil Utilities for resources.
TextTemplateResourceReference A class which adapts a PackagedTextTemplate to a ResourceReference.

Package org.apache.wicket.resource Description

Locale aware resouce loaders.

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