Package org.apache.wicket.resource.aggregation

Class Summary
AbstractDependencyRespectingResourceAggregatingHeaderResponse<R extends ResourceReferenceCollection,K> An implementation of AbstractResourceAggregatingHeaderResponse that renders references in the correct order if they are AbstractResourceDependentResourceReference references, ensuring that dependencies are rendered in the proper order before their parent (even if they do not appear in the same group as the parent of the depdencies).
AbstractResourceAggregatingHeaderResponse<R extends ResourceReferenceCollection,K> A header response that can be used to aggregate resources (primarily resource references) into groups that can be rendered after the entire hierarchy of IHeaderContributors have been traversed.
ResourceReferenceAndStringData A data holder built for the AbstractResourceAggregatingHeaderResponse that groups the resource reference with a boolean representing whether it is css (or, if not, it is js), and the string that was passed in to the responsible render*Reference method (for JS, this is ID, for CSS, this is media).
ResourceReferenceCollection Just a LinkedHashSet that stores a collection of resource references.

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