Package org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.pagestore

Class Summary
AbstractPageStore Abstract page store that implements the serialization logic so that the subclasses can concentrate on actual storing of serialized page instances.
AbstractPageStore.SerializedPage Immutable class that contains a serialized page instance.
DiskPageStore SecondLevelCacheSessionStore.IPageStore implementation that stores the serialized pages grouped in a single file per pagemap.
DiskPageStore.PageMapEntry Each PageMap is represented by this class.
DiskPageStore.SessionEntry Represents a session,
FileChannelPool Thread safe pool of FileChannel objects.
PageWindowManager Manages positions and size of serialized pages in the pagemap file.
PageWindowManager.PageWindow Public (read only) version of page window.
SimpleSynchronousFilePageStore Very simple page store that uses separate file for each serialized page instance.

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