Package org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.portlet

Class Summary
EmbeddedPortletHeaderResponse Portlet behaviour override of the HeaderResponse implementation, responsible for writing header contributions from portlets in the body of the response, as opposed to the head.
FilterRequestContext Wraps the HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse objects for convenience during WicketFilterPortletContext and WicketFilter's processing.
PortletInvalidMarkupFilter This filter removes html page top level markup elements like <html>, <head> and <body>.
PortletRequestContext FIXME javadoc
PortletServletRequestWrapper Wraps servlet request object with Portlet specific functionality by overriding the HttpServletRequestWrapper retrieval of the context path, path info, request URI etc...
PortletServletResponseWrapper General class for all Portal responses, wrapping Servlet responses with Portal specific functionality.
ServletPortletSessionProxy Proxy for a Servlet HttpSession to attach to a PortletSession, providing only access to PORTLET_SCOPE session attributes and hiding the APPLICATION_SCOPE attributes from the Servlet.
WicketFilterPortletContext Handles Portlet specific filtering requirements.
WicketPortlet Adapter between the Portlet world requests and the internal Wicket engine.
WicketResponseState Temporarily holds the current state of a Wicket response when invoked from WicketPortlet: buffer, headers, state and the redirect location to be processed afterwards within WicketPortlet

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