Class AbstractPageStore

  extended by org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.pagestore.AbstractPageStore
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Direct Known Subclasses:
DiskPageStore, SimpleSynchronousFilePageStore

public abstract class AbstractPageStore
extends Object
implements SecondLevelCacheSessionStore.IPageStore

Abstract page store that implements the serialization logic so that the subclasses can concentrate on actual storing of serialized page instances.

Matej Knopp

Nested Class Summary
protected static class AbstractPageStore.SerializedPage
          Immutable class that contains a serialized page instance.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  Page deserializePage(byte[] data, int versionNumber)
          Creates a page instance from given byte array.
protected  List<AbstractPageStore.SerializedPage> serializePage(Page page)
          Creates a list of AbstractPageStore.SerializedPage instances obtained from serializing the provided page.
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractPageStore()
Method Detail


protected List<AbstractPageStore.SerializedPage> serializePage(Page page)
Creates a list of AbstractPageStore.SerializedPage instances obtained from serializing the provided page.

One page instance can be serialized to multiple AbstractPageStore.SerializedPage instances, because each referenced page is serialized separately and should also be separately saved On deserialization wicket detects a page instance placeholder and loads the appropriate page.

As an example, when there is PageA that has a member variable of type PageB, serializing instanceof PageA will result in a list of two AbstractPageStore.SerializedPage instances, one for PageA and another one for the referenced PageB.

page - page to be serialized
list of AbstractPageStore.SerializedPages


protected Page deserializePage(byte[] data,
                               int versionNumber)
Creates a page instance from given byte array. Optionally gets the specified version of the page.

data - Serialized page instance data as byte array
versionNumber - Requested page version or -1 if original version (the one serialized) should be kept
page instance

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