Package org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form

HTML Forms and form components.


Interface Summary
AbstractTextComponent.ITextFormatProvider Text components that implement this interface are know to be able to provide a pattern for formatting output and parsing input.
FormComponent.IVisitor Typesafe interface to code that is called when visiting a form component.
IChoiceRenderer<T> Renders one choice.
IFormModelUpdateListener A component that listens to form model updates.
IFormSubmitListener Listener interface that is called when a form is submitted.
IFormSubmittingComponent Interface that must be implemented by components that are able to submit form.
IFormVisitorParticipant Participates in the form visiting algorithm, and can hint that visiting should go on as normal ( IFormVisitorParticipant.processChildren() returns true) or is limited to the same level (only siblings are processed, IFormVisitorParticipant.processChildren() returns false).
ILabelProvider<T> Provider of labels for FormComponents and others.
IOnChangeListener Listener method for OnChange events of dropdown lists and onclick events of CheckBoxes and RadioChoice components.

Class Summary
AbstractChoice<T,E> Abstract base class for all choice (html select) options.
AbstractSingleSelectChoice<T> Abstract base class for single-select choices.
AbstractSubmitLink Abstract class for links that are capable of submitting a form.
AbstractTextComponent<T> Abstract base class for TextArea and TextField.
AutoLabelResolver Resolver that implements the wicket:for attribute functionality.
AutoLabelResolver.AutoLabel Component that is attached to the <label> tag and takes care of writing out the label text as well as setting classes on the <label> tag
AutoLabelTagHandler Markup filter that identifies tags with the wicket:for attribute.
AutoLabelTextResolver Resolver that provides the <wicket:label> tag, which will output a FormComponent's label without requiring a manual extra component such as Label or FormComponentLabel.
Button A form button.
Check<T> Component representing a single checkbox choice in a org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form.CheckGroup.
CheckBox HTML checkbox input component.
CheckBoxMultipleChoice<T> A choice subclass that shows choices via checkboxes.
CheckGroup<T> Component used to connect instances of Check components into a group.
CheckGroupSelector Selects and deselects all Check components under the same CheckGroup as itself.
ChoiceRenderer<T> Default implementation of IChoiceRenderer.
DropDownChoice<T> A choice implemented as a dropdown menu/list.
EnumChoiceRenderer<T extends Enum<T>> IChoiceRenderer implementation that makes it easy to work with java 5 enums.
Form<T> Base class for forms.
Form.ValidationVisitor Visitor used for validation
FormComponent<T> An HTML form component knows how to validate itself.
FormComponent.AbstractVisitor Visitor for traversing form components
FormComponentLabel A component that represents html <label> tag.
FormComponentPanel<T> Panel (has it's own markup, defined between tags), that can act as a form component.
HiddenField<T> TextField doesn't permit the html so this is a simple subclass to allow this A HiddenField is useful when you have a javascript based component that updates the form state.
ImageButton <input type="image"> component - like Button only with an image.
LabeledWebMarkupContainer Default implementation of ILabelProvider.
ListChoice<T> Essentially a drop down choice that doesn't drop down.
ListMultipleChoice<T> A multiple choice list component.
PasswordTextField A password text field component.
Radio<T> Component representing a single radio choice in a org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form.RadioGroup.
RadioChoice<T> A choice subclass that shows choices in radio style.
RadioGroup<T> Component used to connect instances of Radio components into a group.
RequiredTextField<T> A text field which automatically adds a Required.
SimpleFormComponentLabel A form component label that replaces its body with the contents of LabeledWebMarkupContainer.getLabel()
StatelessForm<T> This StatelessForm is the same as a normal form but with the statelesshint default to true.
SubmitLink A link which can be used exactly like a Button to submit a Form.
TextArea<T> Multi-row text editing component.
TextField<T> A simple text field.
ValidationErrorFeedback This class is the parameter to Component.error(Serializable) instead of the generated error string itself (when FormComponent.error(IValidationError) is called).

Package org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form Description

HTML Forms and form components.

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