Interface IFormVisitorParticipant

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractChoice, AbstractOptions, AbstractSingleSelectChoice, AbstractTextComponent, AjaxButton, AjaxCheckBox, AjaxFallbackButton, AjaxSubmitButton, AutoCompleteTextField, Button, CancelButton, CheckBox, CheckBoxMultipleChoice, CheckGroup, Choices, DateField, DateTextField, DateTextField, DateTimeField, DefaultCssAutocompleteTextField, DropDownChoice, FileUploadField, FinishButton, FormComponent, FormComponentPanel, HiddenField, ImageButton, IndicatingAjaxButton, IndicatingAjaxSubmitButton, LastButton, ListChoice, ListMultipleChoice, MultiFileUploadField, Multiply, NextButton, PasswordTextField, PreviousButton, RadioChoice, RadioGroup, Recorder, RequiredTextField, Select, Selection, TextArea, TextField, WizardButton

public interface IFormVisitorParticipant

Participates in the form visiting algorithm, and can hint that visiting should go on as normal ( processChildren() returns true) or is limited to the same level (only siblings are processed, processChildren() returns false).

Pekka Enberg

Method Summary
 boolean processChildren()
          Should children be traversed during visiting or should only the siblings be processed.

Method Detail


boolean processChildren()
Should children be traversed during visiting or should only the siblings be processed.

true if children should be traversed during form processing; false if only the siblings should be processed.

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