Interface IFormModelUpdateListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractChoice, AbstractOptions, AbstractSingleSelectChoice, AbstractTextComponent, AjaxButton, AjaxCheckBox, AjaxFallbackButton, AjaxSubmitButton, AutoCompleteTextField, Button, CancelButton, CheckBox, CheckBoxMultipleChoice, CheckGroup, Choices, DateField, DateTextField, DateTextField, DateTimeField, DefaultCssAutocompleteTextField, DropDownChoice, FileUploadField, FinishButton, FormComponent, FormComponentPanel, HiddenField, ImageButton, IndicatingAjaxButton, IndicatingAjaxSubmitButton, LastButton, ListChoice, ListMultipleChoice, MultiFileUploadField, Multiply, NextButton, PasswordTextField, PreviousButton, RadioChoice, RadioGroup, Recorder, RequiredTextField, Select, Selection, TextArea, TextField, WizardButton

public interface IFormModelUpdateListener

A component that listens to form model updates. Form model updates happen after all validation has passed and form components are ready to commit their values into their models.


Method Summary
 void updateModel()
          Called when the component should update its model

Method Detail


void updateModel()
Called when the component should update its model

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