Package org.apache.wicket.ajax

Interface Summary
AjaxRequestTarget.IJavascriptResponse An ajax javascript response that allows users to add javascript to be executed on the client side
AjaxRequestTarget.IListener An AjaxRequestTarget listener that can be used to respond to various target-related events
AjaxRequestTarget.ITargetRespondListener Components can implement this interface to get a notification when AjaxRequestTarget begins to respond.
IAjaxCallDecorator Interface used to decorate a wicket generated javascript that performs an ajax callback
IAjaxIndicatorAware This interface makes it trivial to use busy indicators for ajax requests.
IAjaxRegionMarkupIdProvider A mixin that allows behaviors and components to override the id of the markup region that will be updated via ajax.

Class Summary
AbstractAjaxTimerBehavior A behavior that generates an AJAX update callback at a regular interval.
AbstractDefaultAjaxBehavior The base class for Wicket's default AJAX implementation.
AjaxEventBehavior An ajax behavior that is attached to a certain client-side (usually javascript) event, such as onClick, onChange, onKeyDown, etc.
AjaxRequestTarget A request target that produces ajax response envelopes used on the client side to update component markup as well as evaluate arbitrary javascript.
AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior Automatically re-renders the component it is attached to via AJAX at a regular interval.
WicketAjaxReference Resource reference for Wicket AJAX javascript implementation

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