Interface IAjaxIndicatorAware

All Known Implementing Classes:
IndicatingAjaxButton, IndicatingAjaxFallbackLink, IndicatingAjaxLink, IndicatingAjaxSubmitButton

public interface IAjaxIndicatorAware

This interface makes it trivial to use busy indicators for ajax requests. This interface can be implemented by a component that has an ajax behavior attached to it, or any parent of the component, or by the ajax behavior itself. If this is the case javascript will be added automatically that will show a markup element pointed to by the getAjaxIndicatorMarkupId() markup id attribute when the ajax request begins, and hide it when the ajax requests succeeds or fails.

If both a component and a behavior implement this interface, the component will take precedence.

Igor Vaynberg (ivaynberg)

Method Summary
 String getAjaxIndicatorMarkupId()

Method Detail


String getAjaxIndicatorMarkupId()
the value of the markup id attribute of the indicating element

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