Interface IResourceListener

All Superinterfaces:
IClusterable, IRequestListener, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
BlobImageResource, BufferedDynamicImageResource, ByteArrayResource, CaptchaImageResource, CompressedPackageResource, ContextRelativeResource, CSSPackageResource, DefaultButtonImageResource, DynamicByteArrayResource, DynamicImageResource, DynamicWebResource, Image, ImageButton, JavascriptPackageResource, LocalizedImageResource, NonCachingImage, PackageResource, RenderedDynamicImageResource, Resource, ResourceLink, TextTemplateLink, ThumbnailImageResource, WebResource

public interface IResourceListener
extends IRequestListener

Listens for requests regarding resources. Such resources are typically non-static in nature and may even be created on the fly.

One use for resource listeners is that they may be used to create components such as Image which respond to requests with a localized resource loaded from the classpath. The Image class allows reusable components to transparently bundle localized image resources. Components that use Image resources (instead of referencing static images in their markup) can be distributed as a self-contained JAR file.

Jonathan Locke
See Also:
Image, RenderedDynamicImageResource

Field Summary
static RequestListenerInterface INTERFACE
          Resource listener interface object
Method Summary
 void onResourceRequested()
          Called when a resource is requested.

Field Detail


static final RequestListenerInterface INTERFACE
Resource listener interface object

Method Detail


void onResourceRequested()
Called when a resource is requested.

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