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Password History


Since version 1.3.3 Oak provides functionality to remember a configurable number of passwords after password changes and to prevent a password to be set during changing a user's password if found in said history.


An administrator may enable password history via the OSGi configuration. By default the history is disabled (passwordHistorySize set to 0).

The following configuration option is supported:

Parameter Type Default Description
PARAM_PASSWORD_HISTORY_SIZE int 0 Number of passwords to be stored in the history

Setting the configuration option to a value greater than 0 enables password history and sets feature to remember the specified number of passwords for a user. Note, that the current implementation has a limit of at most 1000 passwords remembered in the history.

How it works

Representation in the Repository

History password hashes are recorded in a multi-value property rep:pwdHistory on the user's rep:pwd node, which mandates the specific node type rep:Password

The rep:pwdHistory property is defined protected in order to guard against the user modifying (overcoming) her password history limitations.

[rep:User]  > rep:Authorizable, rep:Impersonatable
    + rep:pwd (rep:Password) = rep:Password protected
    - rep:password (STRING) protected
    - * (UNDEFINED) protected
    - * (UNDEFINED) protected multiple

Recording of Passwords

If the feature is enabled, during a user changing her password, the old password hash is recorded in the password history.

The old password hash is only recorded if a password was set (non-empty). Therefore setting a password for a user for the first time (i.e. during creation or if the user doesn't have a password set before) does not result in a history record, as there is no old password.

The old password hash is copied to the password history after the provided new password has been validated but before the new password hash is written to the user's rep:password property.

The history operates as a FIFO list. A new password history record exceeding the configured max history size, results in the oldest recorded password from being removed from the history.

Also, if the configuration parameter for the history size is changed to a non-zero but smaller value than before, upon the next password change the oldest records exceeding the new history size are removed.

Evaluation of Password History

Upon a user changing her password and if the password history feature is enabled (configured password history size > 0), implementation checks if the current password or any of the password hashes recorded in the history matches the new password.

If any record is a match, a ConstraintViolationException is thrown and the user's password is NOT changed.

XML Import

When users are imported via the JCR XML importer, password history is imported irrespective on whether the password history feature is enabled or not.