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Oak Composite NodeStore

The documentation of the Composite NodeStore implementation is work-in-progress. Please ask on oak-dev for things that are missing or unclear.


The CompositeNodeStore is a NodeStore implementation that wraps multiple NodeStore instances and exposes them through a single API. It is possible, for instance, to store all data in a DocumentNodeStore instance and relocate /libs and /apps in a SegmentNodeStore instance.

Each node stored wrapped by the composite node store instance is called a mount. The CompositeNodeStore can be configured with one or more mounts, each owning a defined set of paths, and a default mount, owning the rest of the repository.

Design limitations

Read-only mounts

The implementation allows for a default mount, which is read-write, and for any number of additional mounts, which are read-only. This limitation is by design and is not expected to be removed in future Oak version.

There are two major aspects to this limitation

  1. Having a commit run accross two or more multiple node stores is complicated in terms of implementation. Atomic commits will be very hard to ensure in a performant manner across multiple stores. Additionally, it will impose implementation burders to each NodeStore in order to support this special-case scenario.
  2. There are multiple Oak subsystems that are not composite-aware and that would need to changed for that to happen, and this would again complicate the implementation for a special-case scenario.

Referenceable nodes

Referenceable nodes are not permitted in non-default mounts. The reason is cross-mount references can become invalid in scenarios where the set of mounts changes. Consider the following scenario:


  • default mount D
  • non-default mount N1, currently mounted under /tmp
  • non-default mount N2, currently not mounted

In the repository, node /content/bar references referenceable node /tmp/foo (from N1). When the repository is shut down and reconfigureed to use N2 instead of N1, the reference can be broken unless we ensure that the reference stores used by N1 and N2 are the same. This does not happen today.

This constraint also means that:

  • versionable nodes are not permitted in non-default mounts, as they are referenceable
  • nt:resource nodes (usually found as children of nt:file nodes) are not permitted. It is recommended to replace them with oak:Resource ( see also OAK-4567 ).

Checking for read-only access

The Composite NodeStore mounts various other node stores in read-only mode. Since the read-only mode is not enfored via permissions, it may not be queried via Session.hasPermission. Instead, the read-only status is surfaced via Session.hasCapability. See OAK-6563 for details.