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The best place for Oak-related discussions is the oak-dev@ mailing list. To subscribe, send a message to [oak-dev-subscribe@] (

Use the OAK issue tracker to submit issues, comments or patches. To subscribe to issue notifications, send a message to [oak-issues@] (

The latest Oak sources are available on GitHub. To subscribe to commit notifications, send a message to [oak-commits@] (

For more details related to various mailing list have a look at

We generally follow a CTR policy. However it is up to each individual committer to pro-actively ask for a review of a patch on oak-dev@ or to even call for a RTC. Special care should be taken with backports to maintenance branches. Back ports bear a certain risk of introducing regressions to otherwise stable branches. Each back ported change should be carefully evaluated for its potential impact, risk and possible mitigation. It is the responsibility of each committer to asses these and ask for advise or reviewing on oak-dev@ if uncertain. Whether using RTC or CTR is up to the committer.