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Getting Started

Many parts of Oak are still under construction, so it may be a bit difficult to find your way around the codebase. The README files, this documentation, and the Oak mailing list archives are good places to start learning about Oak.

There is also the Jackrabbit 3 wiki page, which is mostly outdated though and should only be consulted for historical research.

To get started developing Oak, clone the Git repository, or fork it on GitHub. Then build the latest sources with Maven 3 and Java 8 (or higher) like this:

mvn clean install

To enable all integration tests, including the JCR TCK, use:

mvn clean install -PintegrationTesting

Before committing changes or submitting a patch, please make sure that the above integration testing build passes without errors. If you like, you can enable integration tests by default by setting the OAK_INTEGRATION_TESTING environment variable.

Please also refer to the documentation Developing with Git and Testing using different nodestore fixtures.

MongoDB integration

Parts of the Oak build expects a MongoDB instance to be available for testing. By default a MongoDB instance running on localhost is expected, and the relevant tests are simply skipped if such an instance is not found. You can also configure the build to use custom MongoDB settings with the following properties (shown with their default values):

Note that the configured test databases will be dropped by the test cases.


The build consists of the following components:

  • oak-parent - parent POM

  • oak-doc - Oak documentation

  • oak-commons - shared utility code

  • oak-api - Oak repository API

  • oak-core - Oak repository implementation

  • oak-core-spi - Oak repository extensions

  • oak-jcr - JCR binding for the Oak repository

  • oak-solr-core - Apache Solr indexing and search

  • oak-solr-osgi

  • oak-lucene - Lucene-based query index

  • oak-auth-external - External authentication support

  • oak-auth-ldap - LDAP implementation of external authentication

  • oak-authorization-cug - Authorization model for closed user groups (CUG)

  • oak-blob - Oak Blob Store API

  • oak-blob-plugins - Oak Blob : Extensions and Base Implementations

  • oak-blob-cloud - S3 cloud blob store implementation

  • oak-blob-cloud-azure - Azure cloud blob store implementation

  • oak-store-spi - Oak NodeStore and Commit SPI

  • oak-segment-tar - TarMK API and nodestore implementation

  • oak-store-document - Oak DocumentNodeStore implementation on MongoDB and RDB

  • oak-store-composite - CompositeNodeStore implementation

  • oak-upgrade - tooling for upgrading Jackrabbit repositories to Oak and sidegrading Oak to Oak

  • oak-run - runnable jar packaging

  • oak-run-commons - utilities shared by oak-run and oak-benchmarks

  • oak-benchmarks - benchmark tests

  • oak-it - integration tests

  • oak-it-osgi - integration tests for OSGi

  • oak-http - HTTP binding for Oak

  • oak-pojosr

  • oak-exercise - Oak training material

  • oak-examples - Oak examples (webapp and standalone)


The following components have been moved to the Jackrabbit Attic:

  • oak-mk-api - MicroKernel API (deprecated, OAK-2701)
  • oak-mk - MicroKernel implementation (see OAK-2702)
  • oak-mk-remote - MicroKernel remoting (see OAK-2693)
  • oak-it/mk - integration tests for MicroKernel
  • oak-remote - Oak Remote API (see OAK-7035)