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Design of Oak Segment Tar

This section gives a high level overview of the design of Oak Segment Tar, its most important classes, their purpose and relationship. More in depth information is available from the Javadoc of the individual classes.


Class diagram

The SegmentNodeStore is Oak Segment Tar's implementation of the NodeStore API. It uses a Revisions instance for accessing and setting the current head state, a SegmentReader for reading records from segments, a SegmentWriter for writing records to segments and a BlobStore for reading and writing binaries.

The SegmentStore serves as a persistence backend for the SegmentNodeStore. It is responsible for providing concrete implementations of Revisions, SegmentReader and BlobStore to the former.

The FileStore is the implementation the SegmentStore that persists segments in tar files. The MemoryStore (not shown above) is an alternative implementation, which stores the segments in memory only. It is used for testing.

The FileStore depends on TarFiles for the management of the TAR files on the file system. TarFiles is an aggregation of one TarWriter and zero or more TarReader. This design represents the foundation of the append-only store implemented by the FileStore, where data is appended to one TarWriter and archived in many TarReader over time.