MINA 0.8.1 API

org.apache.mina.common Common types required for users to use MINA.
org.apache.mina.io Low-level protocol implementation layer (I/O layer).
org.apache.mina.io.datagram Datagram (UDP/IP) support.
org.apache.mina.io.filter Basic IoHandlerFilter implementations.
org.apache.mina.io.handler Useful IoHandler implementations.
org.apache.mina.io.socket Socket (TCP/IP) support.
org.apache.mina.protocol High-level protocol implementation layer (Protocol layer).
org.apache.mina.protocol.codec Useful ProtocolEncoder and ProtocolDecoder implementations.
org.apache.mina.protocol.filter Basic ProtocolHandlerFilter implementations.
org.apache.mina.protocol.handler Useful ProtocolHandler implementations.
org.apache.mina.protocol.io A wrapper for org.apache.mina.io package to support low-level I/O.
org.apache.mina.protocol.vmpipe In-VM pipe support which removes the overhead of local loopback communication.
org.apache.mina.registry A frontend package that makes setting up MINA easier.
org.apache.mina.util This package is used by MINA internally.


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