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Uses of ExamplePage in org.apache.wicket.examples.repeater

Subclasses of ExamplePage in org.apache.wicket.examples.repeater
 class AjaxDataTablePage
 class BasePage
          Base page for component demo pages.
 class DataGridPage
          demo page for the datatable component
 class DataTablePage
          demo page for the datatable component
 class FormPage
          Page that demonstrates using RefreshingView in a form.
 class GridViewPage
          page for demonstrating the gridview component
 class Index
          index page - the links are in the template
 class OIRPage
          page that demonstrates dataview with ReuseIfModelsEqualStrategy
 class PagingPage
          Page that demonstrates a paging dataview
 class RefreshingPage
          page that demonstrates a RefreshingView
 class RepeatingPage
          page that demonstrates a simple repeater view.
 class SimplePage
          Page that demonstrates a simple dataview.
 class SortingPage
          page that demonstrates dataview and sorting

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