Package org.apache.wicket.examples.repeater

Class Summary
BasePage Base page for component demo pages.
Contact domain object for demonstrations.
ContactDataProvider Implementation of IDataProvider that retrieves contacts from the contact database.
ContactGenerator generates random contacts
ContactsDatabase simple database for contacts
DatabaseLocator service locator class for contacts database
DataGridPage demo page for the datatable component
DataTablePage demo page for the datatable component
DetachableContactModel detachable model for an instance of contact
ExamplePage Base class for all pages in the QuickStart application.
FormPage Page that demonstrates using RefreshingView in a form.
GridViewPage page for demonstrating the gridview component
Index index page - the links are in the template
OIRPage page that demonstrates dataview with ReuseIfModelsEqualStrategy
PagingPage Page that demonstrates a paging dataview
RefreshingPage page that demonstrates a RefreshingView
RepeaterApplication application class for repeater examples application
RepeatingPage page that demonstrates a simple repeater view.
SimplePage Page that demonstrates a simple dataview.
SortableContactDataProvider implementation of IDataProvider for contacts that keeps track of sort information
SortingPage page that demonstrates dataview and sorting

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