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Packages that use PageReference
org.apache.wicket The core Wicket package.   

Uses of PageReference in org.apache.wicket

Subclasses of PageReference in org.apache.wicket
 class PageId
          Deprecated. will be removed

Methods in org.apache.wicket that return PageReference
 PageReference Page.getPageReference()
          Gets page instance's unique identifier

Methods in org.apache.wicket with parameters of type PageReference
 CharSequence RequestCycle.urlFor(PageReference id)
          Returns a URL that references the page pointed to by id

Uses of PageReference in

Methods in that return PageReference
 PageReference PageReferenceRequestTarget.getPageReference()

Constructors in with parameters of type PageReference
PageIdRequestTarget(PageReference reference)
PageReferenceRequestTarget(PageReference pageReference)

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