This package contains the JaxMeJS java source generation framework.


Interface Summary
DirectAccessible This interface is an abstract base for fields and similar objects.
IndentationTarget Interface that an IndentationEngine's target must fulfill.
IndentedObject Interface of an object which is able to write itself into a given IndentationTarget.
JavaQName A qualified class name, including package name.
LocalJavaField Interface of a JavaField, which is local to a JavaMethod.
PlaceHolder Interface of a placeholder.
TextFile Interface of a text file.
TypedValue This instance specifies an Java source object, which has a type.

Class Summary
AbstractJavaMethod Base class of methods, constructors, and the like.
IncreasingTarget A filtering indentation target, which pipes all output to the actual target, except that it increases the indentation level by 1.
JavaClassInitializer Implements a Java class constructor.
JavaComment A class representing a Java comment.
JavaConstructor An implementation of a Java constructor.
JavaField Implements a field that a java class or interface may have.
JavaInnerClass Implements an inner class.
JavaMethod Implements a Java method.
JavaQNameImpl Accessor class for JavaQName.
JavaSource A class representing a Java source file.
JavaSource.Protection Specifies a java objects protection (default, public, protected, or private).
JavaSource.Type Specifies the type of a java class (interface, or class).
JavaSourceFactory Factory for generating JavaSource objects.
JavaSourceObject This class implements a generic JavaSource object.
Parameter A parameter, as used by JavaMethod, or JavaConstructor.
Util Various static utility methods.
WriterTarget An IndentationTarget writing into a given Writer.

Package Description

This package contains the JaxMeJS java source generation framework. This is a generic component. JaxMe specific code is factored out into the JaxMe generator package.