Implementation of the JaxMe runtime engine.


Interface Summary
JMSAXDriver Interface of an object, which is able to convert another object into SAX events.

Class Summary
CharSetXMLWriter A simple serializer for XML documents using the Charset from Java 1.4.
Configuration An instance of this class represents a config file.
JAXBContextImpl JaxMe's implementation of a JAXBContext.
JMControllerImpl Common subclass for JMMarshallerImpl, JMUnmarshallerImpl and JMValidatorImpl.
JMPIImpl Implementation of a processing instruction.
JMSAXDriverController The controller is created by the JMMarshaller for marshalling a given element.
JMSAXElementParser A subclass of JMSAXGroupParser for parsing complex elements.
JMSAXGroupParser The SAXParser is controlling an internal stack of JMSAXGroupParser instances, one for any nested sequence, choice, or all group being parsed.
Note, that complex types with complex content are
JMSAXMixedElementParser A subclass of JMSAXElementParser for parsing complex elements.
JMUnmarshallerHandlerImpl Implementation of a JMUnmarshallerHandler; the UnmarshallerHandler receives SAX events which he silently discards, as long as the first startElement event is seen.
JMUnmarshallerImpl JaxMe's Unmarshaller implementation.
JMValidatorImpl Simple validator implementation.
OrderedAttributeXMLWriter This is a subclass of XMLWriterImpl, that writes the attributes ordered alphabetically.
PassThroughXMLWriter A simple serializer for XML documents extending the default XMLWriter implementation, XMLWriterImpl.
ValidationEventImpl JaxMe's extension of the ValidationEventImpl class, adding the ValidationEventImpl.getErrorCode().
XMLWriterImpl A simple serializer for XML documents.

Package Description

Implementation of the JaxMe runtime engine.

The JaxMe runtime engine is used by the sources generated by JaxMe. The essential interfaces are contained in the root package. This package contains the actual implementation used by JaxMe. Users will rarely use this code explicitly.