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Apache/Perl Modules

The mod_perl Developer's Cookbook

The mod_perl Developer's Cookbook

By Geoffrey Young, Paul Lindner, Randy Kobes
mod_perl Pocket Reference

mod_perl Pocket Reference

By Andrew Ford
Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C

Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C

By Lincoln Stein, Doug MacEachern
Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason

Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason

By Dave Rolsky, Ken Williams
mod_perl2 User's Guide

mod_perl2 User's Guide

By Stas Bekman, Jim Brandt
Practical mod_perl

Practical mod_perl

By Stas Bekman, Eric Cholet

Table of Contents


On CPAN you will be able to find a number of Perl modules created to run under mod_perl. We will give a presentation of them here and ways to get at these modules.

Apache/Perl modules are somewhat different from the many others found on CPAN ( Most Perl modules are "building blocks"; developers use them to build applications or even more building blocks. It just so happens that Apache/Perl modules are encapsulated inside a namespace and .pm file. However, this does not make them all building blocks, many are just like Apache modules written in C: you install them, edit the server configuration files and you're done.

Before you start a new module, consider this: Apache/Perl modules are useless outside of mod_perl and Apache. Do your best to design such that your Apache::* module will make good use of the building blocks found on CPAN, putting together new building blocks where appropriate and simply glue them together with the Apache API, keeping the Apache::* modules very small.

These modules will also serve as good examples, showing you where modules can step in during a stage of a request with Perl*Handler callbacks. You'll also see how and when to use the Apache API methods.


The Module List

Like other CPAN modules, the Apache/Perl modules are listed on the Perl module list, under the World Wide Web category: . Browse down the page to find the Apache:: modules, organized by their role in the request cycle.


Where Are The Modules Kept?

Modules listed with the APML as is contact are part of the mod_perl distribution package. Other modules can be found on CPAN in the directory. If they have not made it to CPAN yet, they might be found in the mod_perl contrib directory at Otherwise, feel free to ask the contact author or the list how you can go about getting your hands on a copy. The modules listed with MPB as the author were present in the Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C book by Lincoln Stein and Doug MacEachern. If you can't find these modules on CPAN, look for them at


Playing Your Part

Apache and Perl are world-wide collaborative efforts; naturally, the Apache/Perl integration project is the same. You've started on the right foot simply by reading this document, thanks! Please make sure you've read the main Perl module list at, all that is said there is relevant here!

If you wish to share your module(s) in the Perl way, by putting them on CPAN, send a request to to get set up with a PAUSE user id and directory. See for more details.

HINT: For a nice set of template files try this:

  % h2xs -AX -n Apache::YourPackageName


Module Naming Conventions

Like for normal Perl modules on CPAN, the Apache:: namespace conventionally used for mod_perl modules needs to keep a certain organization. This is why you should choose a multi-level name for your module, categorizing it into a namespace that you feel fits your module. There should be a very good reason for a module to not have a nested name (ie. living directly under Apache::), that should only be the case for the core API modules and older modules which may keep their names.

Here are some examples of namespaces that you may want to use:

  Apache::App      Applications: any module serving content with a
                   point-and-click interface *
  Apache::Auth     Modules related to general user authentication/authorization
  Apache::Authen   Modules solely related to authentication
  Apache::Authz    Solely related to authorization
  Apache::Access   Only access control
  Apache::Config   Configuration-related things
  Apache::Devel    Development-related modules (debug/devel help)
  Apache::Filter   Filtering modules
    ::Output       Output filters (1.0 style Filter/OutputChain or 2.0 style)
    ::Input        Input filters
  Apache::Framework  Modules providing application frameworks (templating
                     and/or publication frameworks) *
  Apache::Log      Logging modules
  Apache::Method   Method handlers (PATCH/PUT and the like)
  Apache::MIME     MIME-type modules
  Apache::Monitor  Monitoring modules
  Apache::Persistent  Modules providing for persistency in connections
  Apache::Proxy    Proxies
  Apache::RPC      RPC/SOAP modules
  Apache::Trans    URI Translation handlers
  Apache::Util     General-utility modules, usually not handlers but
                   providing an API to use in your code

*: If you are writing a small application or templating module, contained in one module, you can use these namespaces. However, if you are planning a substantial framework with many inter-related modules, you should probably go with a top-level namespace outside of Apache::.

For an illustration of how this would look for the older modules, you can look at this example categorization.

Note: Of course none of these categories are cast in stone: you should feel free to choose the module name that suits your module best instead of trying to follow these general indications. If in doubt, just ask around at the mod_perl list; you are sure to get some assistance in naming your module! Furthermore, you should look at the way it's done on CPAN, and apply it under the Apache:: namespace.


Porting CPAN modules to mod_perl 2.0 Status

If you want to port your or someone else's module to mod_perl 2.0, please refer to the these documents: porting Perl modules to mod_perl 2.0 and mod_perl 1.0 compatibility reference.


Ported 3rd-party Modules

The following modules have already been ported to mod_perl 2.0 and are available from CPAN. If you know of other modules that have been ported but not listed here, please contact the modperl list, so we can update this information:

  Module Name                        Required Dist Package
  Apache::ASP                       Apache-ASP-2.55
  Apache::DBILogin                  Apache-DBILogin-2.03
  Apache::AuthCookie                Apache-AuthCookie-3.05
  Apache::AuthExpire                Apache-AuthExpire-0.38
  Apache::AuthNetLDAP               Apache-AuthNetLDAP-0.25
  Apache::AuthPerLDAP               Apache-AuthPerLDAP-2.01
  Apache::AuthenNTLM                Apache-AuthenNTLM-2.04
  Apache::AuthenPasswd              Apache-AuthenPasswd-0.12
  Apache::AuthenSmb                 Apache-AuthenSmb-0.70
  Apache::AuthenURL                 Apache-AuthenURL-2.02
  Apache::AuthzNetLDAP              Apache-AuthzNetLDAP-0.07
  Apache::AuthzPasswd               Apache-AuthzPasswd-0.11
  Apache::Clean                     Apache-Clean-2.00_4
  Apache::DB                        Apache-DB-0.10
  Apache::DProf                     Apache-DB-0.10
  Apache::GeoIP                     Apache-GeoIP-1.215
  Apache::PAR                       Apache-PAR-0.30
  Apache::Peek                      Apache-Peek-1.03
  Apache::Scoreboard                Apache-Scoreboard-2.01
  Apache::SessionManager            Apache-SessionManager 1.00
  Apache::SmallProf                 Apache-DB-0.10
  Apache::Syntax::Highlight::Perl   Apache-Syntax-Highlight-Perl-1.00
  Apache::VMonitor                  Apache-VMonitor-2.0
  CGI::Cookie              (comes in the CGI dist)
  Apache::Request                   Apache2-Request (comes in libapreq2 dist)


Porting in Process

The following modules are in the process of being ported to mod_perl 2.0. Please contact the porter if you wish to help the porting.

If you have started the porting, in order to avoid duplicated efforts please contact the modperl list, and let us know what module you are porting. This information should also help others to help you to do the porting and testing.

  Module                     Porters
  Apache::Language           Philippe M. Chiasson <gozer AT>
  Apache::AutoIndex          Philippe M. Chiasson <gozer AT>
  Apache::Icon               Philippe M. Chiasson <gozer AT>
  Apache::Template           Geoffrey Young <geoff AT>


mod_perl 2.0 Specific Modules

The following modules have gone beyond the porting stage and are specifically designed for mod_perl 2.0 and the new features and functionality it brings. Each is available from CPAN. If you know of other modules that have been written for the 2.0 API but not listed here, please contact the modperl list, so we can update this information:

  Module                              Maintainers
  Apache::AuthenHook                  Geoffrey Young <geoff AT>
  Apache::IncludeHook                 Geoffrey Young <geoff AT>
  Apache2::DebugFilter                Philip M. Gollucci <pgollucci AT> 
  Apache2::Filter::HTTPHeadersFixup   Philip M. Gollucci <pgollucci AT>



The maintainer is the person you should contact with updates, corrections and patches.



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