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Categorization of 1.0 Apache:: modules

The mod_perl Developer's Cookbook

The mod_perl Developer's Cookbook

By Geoffrey Young, Paul Lindner, Randy Kobes
mod_perl Pocket Reference

mod_perl Pocket Reference

By Andrew Ford
Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C

Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C

By Lincoln Stein, Doug MacEachern
Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason

Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason

By Dave Rolsky, Ken Williams
mod_perl2 User's Guide

mod_perl2 User's Guide

By Stas Bekman, Jim Brandt
Practical mod_perl

Practical mod_perl

By Stas Bekman, Eric Cholet

Table of Contents


With the new naming conventions for naming modules in the Apache:: namespace, we will present here a suggestion of how the Apache:: namespace would look like if the "older" modules had used this naming convention.

This is only for indicative purposes, to give module authors an idea of how to name their new modules, and to give new users an easy-to-use catalog of modules; it is not a suggestion to rename older modules.


The Module Categorization

Here is an idea of how the Apache:: namespace would have looked like if the 1.0 modules we all know and love would have been renamed. The naming conventions are summarized here and should be used for anyone creating a new Apache:: module for CPAN distribution.

  Apache             RmcO? Interface to the Apache server API           DOUGM
  ::Filter           RdpOp Lets handlers filter each others' output     KWILLIAMS
  ::Handlers         ????? Declare code snippets to run as handlers     JSMITH
  ::Module           ????? Interface to Apache C module structures      DOUGM
  ::ModuleDoc        ????? Self documentation for Apache C modules      DOUGM
  ::ShowRequest      ????? Show phases and module participation         DOUGM
  ::SubProcess       cmcO? Interface to Apache subprocess API           APML
  ::CodeRed          ????? Responds to CodeRed worm attacks             REUVEN
  ::MSIISProbes      ????? Responds to worm attacks on IIS w/ e-mail    TONKIN
  ::RefererBlock     bdpf? Block based on MIME type + Referer           CHOLET
  ::Album            ????? Simple mod_perl Photo Album                  WOODY
  ::Archive          bdpf? Make linked contents pages of .tar(.gz)      JPETERSON
  ::AutoIndex        Rdcf? Lists directory content                      GOZER
  ::Blog             ????? mod_perl weblog handler                      GARDNER
  ::ContentCache     ????? Caches dynamic content                       LINDNER
  ::CVS              bdpO? Apache PerlContentHandler for CVS            BARBEE
  ::DnsZone          bdpna Webbased dns-zone manager for BIND           THOMAS
  ::FileManager      ????? apache mod_perl file manager                 PMC
  ::Gallery          ????? mod_perl handler to create an image gallery  LEGART
  ::MiniWiki         ????? Miniature Wiki for Apache                    KERW
  ::Motd             ????? Provide motd functionality                   CRAMIREZ
  ::MP3              ????? Streamable directories of MP3 and Ogg Vorbis LDS
  ::NNTPGateway      adpf? A Web based NNTP (usenet) interface          BOUBAKER
  ::OpenIndex        Rmpfp Apache modperl module to manage site files   SANDERSON
  ::Perldoc          ????? mod_perl handler to spooge out HTML perldocs RBOW
  ::PhotoIndex       ????? Creating a Photo Gallery on the fly          MYNEID
  ::RSS              ????? Generate RSS output for directory Index      IKEBE
  ::Stage            Rdpf? Manage a document staging directory          ANDK
  ::AutoIndex        ????? File browser with WML                        DBRIAN
  ::MailPeek         ????? Peek at e-mail with WML                      DBRIAN
  ::Skin             bdpOp Enables use of skin files with Apache::MP3   RGRAFF
  ::Cookie           RdpO? Authen + Authz via cookies                   MSCHOUT
  ::CookieURL        ????? Authen + Authz via cookies or URL munging    HANK
  ::DBI              ????? Authen + Authz via Perl's DBI                ABH
  ::DBILogin         bdpf? Authenticate/authorize to backend database   JGROENVEL
  ::Expire           bdpfp PerlAuthenHandler to implement time limits   JJHORNER
  ::LDAP             bdpf? LDAP authentication module                   CDONLEY
  ::Multi            ????? Choose from a number of authen modules       DARREN
  ::NetLDAP          ????? LDAP authentication module (Net::LDAP)       MEWILCOX
  ::PerLDAP          bdpf? LDAP authentication module (PerLDAP)         HENRIK
  ::PHLogin          bdpf? Authenticate via a PH database               JGROENVEL
  ::RedirectDBI      RdpO? Redirect to different directories by DBI     SANDERSON
  ::Ticket           ????? Cookie based access module                   MSCHOUT
  ::Usertrack        bdpf? Perl version of mod_usertrack                ABH
  ::DBI              ????? AuthCookie backed by DBI database            CROMIS
  ::DBIRadius        ????? AuthCookie backed by DBI + optional Radius   BARRACODE
  ::LDAP             ????? AuthCookie backed by LDAP database           BJORNARDO
  ::Cache            Rdpng Cache authentication credentials             JBODNAR
  ::IMAP             bdpf? Authentication via an IMAP server            JRLITTELL
  ::LDAP             ????? mod_perl LDAP Authentication Module          CGILMORE
  ::N2               ????? Authenticate into the NT and NIS+ domains    VALERIE
  ::NIS              ????? mod_perl NIS Authentication module           DEP
  ::NISPlus          ????? Authenticate into a NIS+ domain              VALERIE
  ::NTLM             ????? Microsoft NTLM and Basic User Authentication GRICHTER
  ::Passwd           bdpf? Authenticate against /etc/passwd             DEP
  ::PasswdSrv        bdpf? External authentication server               JEFFH
  ::Radius           bdpf? Authentication via a Radius server           DANIEL
  ::SecurID          ????? Authentication via a SecurID server          FLIPKIN
  ::Smb              bdpf? Authenticate against NT server               PARKER
  ::URL              bdpf? Authenticate via another URL                 JGROENVEL
  ::Cache            ????? Cache Authorization Module                   CGILMORE
  ::LDAP             ????? mod_perl LDAP Authorization Module           CGILMORE
  ::NIS              bdpf? NIS authorization                            DEP
  ::Passwd           bdpf? /etc/group Group Authorization module        DEP
  ::UserDir          ????? UserDir authorization module                 NINJAZ
  ::Config           ???O? Manipulate Apache configuration files        RSOLIV
  ::ConfigFile       ????? Parse an Apache style httpd.conf             NWIGER
  ::ConfigParser     ????? Load Apache configuration files              BZAJAC
  ::Htaccess         ????? Create and modify Apache .htaccess files     BDFOY
  ::Htgroup          ????? Manage Apache authentication group files     RBOW
  ::Htpasswd         ????? Manage Unix crypt-style password file.       KMELTZ
  ::WinBitHack       ????? Emulate XBitHack on Win32                    RKOBES
  ::Perishable       ????? Perl extension for expiring htaccess entries ALLENDAY
  ::DB               amcO? Hook Perl interactive DB into mod_perl       DOUGM
  ::DebugInfo        ampO? Per-request data logging                     GEOFF
  ::DProf            bmcf? Hook Devel::DProf into mod_perl              DOUGM
  ::DumpHeaders      bdpf? Watch HTTP transaction via headers           ABH
  ::Emulator         ????? Emulates mod_perl request object from CGI    NWETTERS
  ::Fake             ????? Fake a mod_perl request object               JWALT
  ::Peek             amcf? Devel::Peek for mod_perl                     APML
  ::PerlVINC         ????? Versioning of modules among dirs/vhosts      DAVEM
  ::Recorder         ????? Record HTTP sessions                         CBROOKS
  ::RegistryLexInfo  ????? Diff Apache::Registry script padlists        DOUGM
  ::Reload           RdpO? Reload changed modules (extending StatINC)   MSERGEANT
  ::SmallProf        bmpf? Hook Devel::SmallProf into mod_perl          DOUGM
  ::ParseControl     cdpOp control the parsing of server-side scripts   DAPATRICK
  ::Resumable        ????? Serve resumable files under modperl          TBONE
  ::AntiSpam         bdpOp AntiSpam filter for web pages                MIYAGAWA
  ::Clean            ????? mod_perl interface into HTML::Clean          GEOFF
  ::Clickable        ????? Make URLs and Emails in HTML clickable       MIYAGAWA
  ::Compress         bdpOp Compress content on the fly                  KWILLIAMS
  ::Dynagzip         ????? Dynamic gzip compression w/chunked stream    SLAVA
  ::EmbperlChain     bdpO? Feed handler output to Embperl               CHOLET
  ::GzipChain        bmpf? Compress files on the fly                    ANDK
  ::ImageMagick      ????? Convert and manipulate images on the fly     GRICHTER
  ::Lint             ????? Apache wrapper around HTML::Lint             PETDANCE
  ::OutputChain      bmpO? Chain output of stacked handlers             JANPAZ
  ::PassFile         bdpf? Send file via OutputChain                    ANDK
  ::PrettyPerl       Rdpf? Syntax highlighting for Perl files           RA
  ::PrettyText       bdpf? Re-format .txt files for client display      CHTHORMAN
  ::StickyQuery      ????? rewrites links using sticky query            MIYAGAWA
  ::ASP              MdpOg Active Server Pages for Apache and mod_perl  CHAMAS
  ::AxKit            RdcO? XML Application Server for Apache            MSERGEANT
  ::Backhand         bdcr? Bridge between mod_backhand + mod_perl       DLOWE
  ::CIPP             ????? Use CIPP embedded HTML Pages                 JRED
  ::Chameleon        ????? Framework for multiple-user websites         IDORU
  ::ContentHandler   ????? Extension for uniform application generation ZENSPIDER
  ::EP               ????? System for embedding Perl into HTML          JWIED
  ::ePerl            Rdpr? Fast emulated Embedded Perl (ePerl)          RSE
  ::HeavyCGI         ????? Run complex CGI tasks on an Apache server    ANDK
  ::HTMLView         bmpfl A mod_perl module for compiled HTMLView page BJORNARDO
  ::HTPL             ????? Apache mod_perl driver for HTPL.             SCHOP
  ::iNcom            bdpf? An e-commerce framework                      FRAJULAC
  ::Layer            bdpf? Layer content tree over one or more          SAM
  ::mod_pml          ????? mod_perl interface to Perl Markup Language   PJONES
  ::NavBar           bdpO? Navigation bar generator                     BARRACODE
  ::Onanox           ????? Customisable multi-user websites             IDORU
  ::OWA              bdpf? Runs Oracle PL/SQL Web Toolkit apps          SVINTO
  ::PageKit          ampOo MVC Web App framework, based on mod_perl/XML BORISZ
  ::PSP              ????? mod_perl interface to Perl Server Pages      RADCLIFF
  ::Sandwich         Mmpfp Layered document (sandwich) maker            VKHERA
  ::SetWWWTheme      ????? Standard theme generation                    CHOGAN
  ::SimpleReplace    ampf? Simple replacement template tool             GEOFF
  ::SimpleTemplate   ????? Templates with embedded Perl                 FORTY
  ::SSI              RmpOp Implement server-side includes in Perl       KWILLIAMS
  ::Taco             ????? mod_perl handler for Taco                    KWILLIAMS
  ::Template         ????? mod_perl interface to Template Toolkit       ABW
  ::WebSNMP          ????? SNMP calls to be embedded in HTML            RIGBYC
  ::WeSQL            ????? Apache mod_perl module for WeSQL             
  ::Wombat           ????? embed Wombat within Apache/mod_perl          IX
  ::XBEL             ????? transform XBEL into exciting and fooy HTML   ASCOPE
  ::XPP              ????? embedded perl language co-existing w/ HTML   CNATION
  ::Language::XSP::ObjectTaglib   ????? Helper for OO Taglibs           SIMON
  ::Plugin::AddXSLParams::Request ????? Apache::Request to XSLT params  KHAMPTON
  ::Plugin::Session  ????? Flexible session management for AxKit        JWALT
  ::RayApp           ????? Logic and presentation separation in AxKit   JANPAZ
  ::Graph            ????? Generate Graphs in an Apache handler.        RKITOVER
  ::Thumbnail        ????? On-the-fly thumbnails using GD and libjpeg   ISAAC
  ::DBI              bdpf? Logging via DBI                              ABH
  ::DBIConfig        Rdpng Custom format logging via DBI for mod_perl   JBODNAR
  ::File             ????? Interface to Apache's logging routines       DOUGM
  ::Ignore           RdpOg mod_perl log handler to ignore connections   BEATNIK
  ::Parse            bdpO? OO interface to Apache log files             AKIRA
  ::SearchEngine     ????? Logging of terms used in search engines      OCTO
  ::Traffic          bdpf? Logs bytes transferred, per-user basis       MAURICE
  ::Roaming          bdpO? PUT/GET/MOVE/DELETE (Netscape Roaming)       JWIED
  ::Mapper           ????? associate file extensions with PerlHandlers  GEOFF
  ::XML              bdpf? mime encoding sniffer for XML files          MSERGEANT
  ::GTopLimit        Sdpnp Child exit on small shared or large mem      STAS
  ::Server           SmcO? Interface to Apache server_rec struct        APML
  ::Throttle         ????? Speed-based content negotiation              DONS
  ::VMonitor         Mdpnp Visual System and Processes Monitor          STAS
  ::RunAway          Rdpnp RunAway processes watchdog/terminator        STAS
  ::DBI              bmpO? Persistent DBI connection mgmt.              ABH
  ::Mysql            bdpO? Persistent connection mgmt. for Mysql        NJENSEN
  ::Storage          ????? Storing persistent data in Apache            KROW
  ::ConPool          ????? A Sybase connection pooling module           MEWP
  ::CTlib            Mdpn? Persistent CTlib connection mgmt for Apache  MDOWNING
  ::ACE              bdpOp IDN compatible ACE proxy server              MIYAGAWA
  ::DoCoMo           ????? NTT DoCoMo HTTP gateway clone for mod_proxy  KOBAYASI
  ::PassThru         bdpO? Skeleton for vanilla proxy                   ABH
  ::Gateway          bdpf? A multiplexing gateway                       CCWF
  ::Info             ????? Get information from doc server to mod_perl  GOZER
  ::No404            ????? 404 free Proxy                               MIYAGAWA
  ::Pass             bdpf? Perl implementation of ProxyPass             MJS
  ::Proxy            ????? Perl interface to mod_proxy                  XFIRE
  ::Reverse          ????? An Apache mod_perl reverse proxy             CLINTDW
  ::Rewrite          ????? mod_perl URL-rewriting proxy                 CGILMORE
  ::Rewriting        ????? proxy that works by rewriting requests       HAGANK
  ::Stuff            ????? mod_perl header/footer/proxy module          JBODNAR
  ::AppCluster       ????? RPC for distributed application servers      MAUNDER
  ::AwSOAP           ????? SOAP Gateway into ActiveWorks Event Space    DYACOB
  ::Lite             ????? mod_perl-based XML-RPC server                KULCHENKO
  ::Server           ????? Subclass of RPC::XML::Server for mod_perl    RJRAY
  ::SOAP             ????? mod_perl-based SOAP server                   KULCHENKO
  ::SmartProxy       ????? HTTP Smart Proxy for SOAP::Lite              DYACOB
  ::Status           ????? Status monitor for RPC                       RJRAY
  ::AddHostPath      adpf? Prepends parts of hostname to URI            RJENKS
  ::LDAP             bdpf? Translate URIs to LDAP queries               CDONLEY
  ::TimedRedirect    ????? Allows the configuration of a timed redirect PETERM
  ::Cache            ????? Cache data accessible between children       RSOLIV
  ::Cookie           amcO? C version of CGI::Cookie                     APML
  ::DefaultCharset   ????? AddDefaultCharset configuration w/ mod_perl  MIYAGAWA
  ::GuessCharset     ????? Add HTTP charset by guessing file's encoding MIYAGAWA
  ::Icon             bdcO? Access to AddIcon* configuration             DOUGM
  ::Keywords         ????? Store keywords as personal profile in cookie MAGNUS
  ::Language         ????? Transparent language support                 GOZER
  ::Mmap             bdcf? Share data via Mmap module                   FLETCH
  ::Request          amcO? functionality using API methods       JIMW
  ::RequestNotes     ampf? Pass cookie & form data around pnotes        GEOFF
  ::SecSess          ????? Secure Apache session management library     PLIAM
  ::Session          RmpOa Maintain client <-> httpd session/state      JBAKER
  ::SessionX         ????? Extented persistence framework for session data GRICHTER
  ::Singleton        ????? Singleton class for mod_perl                 MIYAGAWA
  ::TaintRequest     ????? HTML Escape tainted data to prevent CSS Attacks  LINDNER
  ::TempFile         ????? Allocate temp filenames for request duration TOMHUGHES
  ::Upload           amcO? File upload class                            APML
  ::UploadMeter      ????? Upload meter for form-based uploads          ISAAC
  ::UploadSvr        bdpO? A lightweight publishing system              ANDK
  ::Encrypted        adpOp Cookies with value auto encrypted/decrypted  JKRASNOO
  ::CacheAny         ????? Use Cache::* for Apache::Session storage     MIYAGAWA
  ::Counted          ????? Session management via a File::CounterFile   ANDK
  ::Generate::ModUniqueId  ????? use mod_unique_id for session ID generation MIYAGAWA
  ::Generate::ModUsertrack ????? mod_usertrack for session ID generation MIYAGAWA
  ::PHP              ????? glues Apache::Session with PHP::Session      MIYAGAWA
  ::SharedMem        ????? Session management via shared memory         SIMONW



The maintainer is the person you should contact with updates, corrections and patches.



Only the major authors are listed above. For contributors see the Changes file.

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