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Package Definition

Packages may optionally contain a serialized JCR node of type vlt:PackageDefinition at META-INF/vault/definition/.content.xml. Its format follows the FileVault DocView serialization. It is automatically deserialized to /etc/packages/<group>/<name>-<version>.zip/jcr:content/vlt:definition during package upload when the JCR based package manager is being used.

The node type vlt:PackageDefinition is defined as

[vlt:PackageDefinition] > nt:unstructured
  - artifactId (string)
  - jcr:created (date)
  - jcr:createdBy (string)
  - jcr:lastModified (date)
  - lastUnpackedBy (string)
  - jcr:description (string)
  - groupId (string)
  - lastUnpacked (date)
  - version (string)
  - jcr:lastModifiedBy (string)
  - dependencies (string) multiple
  + thumbnail (nt:base) = nt:unstructured
  + filter (nt:base) = nt:unstructured

Due to it extending nt:unstructured it allows arbitrary properties and child nodes in addition to the explicitly defined ones.

This node contains primarily the most important package properties and the package filter rules and in addition may carry additional implementation specific properties. Most of the properties are automatically (over)written during package upload with values coming from the package properties (details at JcrPackageDefinitionImpl.unwrap(..)).

The primary use case is easy access of the most important package meta data after upload to the JCR-based package manager (without doing extraction and parsing of the underlying archive). As the node may also contain other implementation-specific properties for some cases it may be useful to also include that serialized node in the package itself.

As most properties are redundant and automatically (over)written during package upload with values coming from the package properties or the filter only non-redundant properties should be included in the serialized node inside the content package package itself (details at JcrPackageDefinitionImpl.unwrap(..)).