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Content Package Install Hooks


Install hooks are just Java classes which are called during package installation. One can use them to execute arbitrary operations automatically on certain stages during package import.

Install hooks must implement the interface org.apache.jackrabbit.vault.packaging.InstallHook.

Execution of install hooks is only allowed for certain users. Prior to FileVault 3.4.6 this was only possible for users admin, system or members of group administrators, in newer versions the allowed user ids are configurable via OSGi configuration with PID org.apache.jackrabbit.vault.packaging.impl.PackagingImpl (JCRVLT-427). Installation of packages containing an install hook leads to a PackageException for other non-allowed users.

Internal Install Hooks

The internal install hooks have to be packaged as JARs and placed in META-INF/vault/hooks within the content package. The JAR needs to have a Main-Class attribute in its manifest pointing to the hook class.

External Install Hooks

External install hooks are loaded through the class loader by their fully qualified class name. The class name is given in the package property installhook.<name>.class where <name> is an arbitrary string (must not contain a dot).

The following class loaders are used by default to load the given class:

  1. The class loader which loaded the InstallHookProcessorImpl class (in an OSGi container this is the bundle class loader of the FileVault bundle)
  2. The context class loader of the current thread.

The class loader can be overridden by calling ImportOptions.setHookClassLoader(...) and pass the import options then to the package importer.

You must make sure that the external install hook class is accessible from the used class loader.

3rd Party Hooks

Name Description Link
Asset Workflow Hook Disables AEM Asset workflows during package installation
Oak Reindex Hook Automatically manages the reindexing in Oak when index definitions are installed
AEM Easy Content Upgrade Executes Groovy scripts
Access Control Tool for AEM Installs JCR permissions from YAML configurations
Vault Upgrade Hook Executes additional operations via Groovy, Sling Pipes and some other means

Please raise a PR to get other 3rd party hooks listed above.