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XAP News ...

date February 23, 2007 Release 0.3.0 available -- First release of XAP through the Apache Incubator Release process.  Go to download to get release.

date September 29, 2006 Milestone 3 available -- The system has been switched from Zimbra widgets to Dojo widgets.  A new sample is available.  See the roadmap for more details.

date August 28, 2006 Milestone 2 released -- This release contains an updated build system, better core components and a full bridge system.  See the roadmap for more details.  The samples and demos have been updated.

date June 9, 2006 Initial code committed to Apache foundation (what we've been calling Milestone 1)

date May 23, 2006 XAP accepted as an Apache foundation incubated project

Some XAP Coverage During The Proposal Phase...

date May 10, 2006 Proposal to provide declarative syntax for XAP - eXtensible Ajax Platform

(last update - 12-Oct-06)

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