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Getting Help  
To get help using, developing or contributing to XAP - please use the following resources:

1. Check the Documentation and Wiki

Documentation and Wiki

2. Check the samples and demos

Look to the the samples and demos for demonstrations of basic functionality and the core building blocks.

3. Subscribe to the mailing lists

Subscribing is easy.  Simply send a blank email from the address you want subscribed to:


xap-dev is the primary list that will be used, especially before the first release.

xap-user is for user questions about xap, not typically used for feature requests or bug reporting (which would go to xap-dev).  This list should be pretty quiet until the first release.

xap-commits is the list that will reflect each commit to subversion

For questions send to:


In addition to the xap mailing lists.  You should also subscribe to the mailing list used for general discussion about incubating projects, like XAP:


The mail archives are available here:


4. Send a message to the mailing lists

If none of the above provide answers to your questions, drop an email to the appropriate mailing list.
(last update - 24-Nov-06)

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