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This page provides an overview of how we're going about building the XAP 1.0 framework and the milestones we are targeting.

Please send comments, suggestions and criticisms to the xap-dev@incubator.apache.org mailing list.

Milestone 1: initial code commit - June 9, 2006

Highlight: Basic functionality and concepts that demonstrates a working system end to end.

  • XML Parser and DOM
  • XPath
  • XModify subset
  • Some basic UI component bridges
  • Macros and the MCO concept (limited in scope)

Milestone 2: tagged August 25, 2006

Highlight: Tackle the architecture; integrate the build system with Dojo

  • Selected Dojo as the UI toolkit of choice
  • Packaging and Loading
  1. How to put XAP app inside of HTML
  2. Minimal things you need to do to create XAP app
  3. Code size/loading issues
  4. Figure out naming scheme for classes/files (package naming)
  5. Defining tag -> bridge class mappings in file instead of hardcoding them
  • MCOs (managed code objects) and Macros fully functional
  • Documented and working bridge mechanism -- this is how XAL connects to UI components

Milestone 3: end of September 2006 (available in the source repository now)

Highlight: Widgets

  • The core effort to provide support for XAL syntax within XAP -- writing lots of widgets
  • Configuration and streamlined initialization

Milestone 4: mid December 2006

Highlight: Completing the widget effort and full testing

  • Support the remainder of the XAL syntax -- The rest of the widgets
  • Data binding for XAP user interface
  • Validation for XAP user interface

(last update - 21-Nov-06)

Copyright 2006 The Apache Software Foundation