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The achive files below contain all the code that is needed to get started using XAP now.   To enable your project with XAP funtionality add the contents of the archvie file to your Web application.

XAP binary distrubution:

  download checksum
XAP (0.3.0) tar.gz xap-0.3.0.tar.gz xap-0.3.0.tar.gz.md5
XAP (0.3.0) zip xap-0.3.0.zip xap-0.3.0.zip.md5

bullet See the release notes for latest version information and a list of what's new.

The latest code is available from the subversion repository. Click Here! for information how to check XAP out of SVN.

Getting Started

bullet After downloading see - Get Started Here
(last update - 26-Feb-07)

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