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singa::ShardDataLayer Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for singa::ShardDataLayer:
singa::DataLayer singa::Layer

Public Member Functions

virtual void ComputeFeature (bool training, const vector< shared_ptr< Layer >> &srclayers)
virtual void ComputeGradient (const vector< shared_ptr< Layer >> &srclayers)
virtual void Setup (const LayerProto &proto, const vector< SLayer > &srclayers)
 Setup layer properties. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from singa::DataLayer
virtual void ComputeFeature (bool training, const vector< SLayer > &srclayers)=0
 Compute features of this layer based on connected layers. More...
virtual bool is_datalayer () const
virtual void ComputeGradient (const vector< SLayer > &srclayers)
 Compute gradients for parameters and connecting layers. More...
virtual const vector< Record > & records () const
virtual void Setup ()
 Setup layer properties. More...
virtual void SetupAfterPartition (const LayerProto &proto, const vector< int > &shape, const vector< SLayer > &srclayers)
 Setup the layer properties except shape. More...
virtual void SetupAfterPartition ()
 Setup the layer properties except shape.
virtual PartitionType partition_type () const
virtual int batchsize () const
virtual const Recordsample () const
virtual Blob< float > * mutable_data (const Layer *layer)
virtual Blob< float > * mutable_grad (const Layer *layer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from singa::Layer
virtual void Init (const LayerProto &proto)
 Layer initialization. More...
void Init (const Layer &other, const vector< int > &shape)
 Copy layer configuration from the other Layer, and use the shape argument to as its data shape.
virtual void ToProto (LayerProto *layer_proto, bool copyData)
 TODO(wangsheng) Marshal layer properties and data into google protobuf object (i.e., snapshot). More...
virtual vector< shared_ptr
< Param > > 
GetParams ()
 Layers that have paramters must overload this function. More...
virtual void ComputeFeature (bool training)
virtual void ComputeGradient ()
 Compute gradients for parameters and connecting layers.
virtual int partition_dimension () const
 Decide on which dimension to do the partitioning. More...
virtual ConnectionType connection_type (int k) const
 Return connection type between two layers. More...
virtual void set_partitionid (int id)
 partition id is the ID of the layer in the original layer.
virtual int partitionid () const
virtual void set_name (string name)
virtual const string type () const
const std::string & name () const
 Return name of this layer.
const std::string & datablob () const
const vector< int > & shape (const Layer *layer) const
virtual const Blob< float > & data (const Layer *from) const
virtual const Blob< float > & grad (const Layer *from) const
virtual const vector< SLayer > srclayers () const
 return LayerS that connected to this layer
virtual const vector< SLayer > dstlayers () const
 return LayerS that this layer connected to
virtual const int srclayers_size () const
virtual const int dstlayers_size () const
virtual void ClearDstLayers ()
virtual void ClearSrcLayers ()
virtual void AddSrcLayer (SLayer src)
virtual void AddDstLayer (SLayer dst)
virtual bool is_parserlayer () const
virtual bool is_losslayer () const
virtual bool is_bridgesrclayer () const
virtual bool is_bridgedstlayer () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from singa::DataLayer
bool has_setup_
int random_skip_
int batchsize_
Record sample_
vector< Recordrecords_
- Protected Attributes inherited from singa::Layer
string name_
Blob< float > data_
Blob< float > grad_
LayerProto layer_proto_
vector< SLayer > srclayers_
vector< SLayer > dstlayers_

Member Function Documentation

virtual void singa::ShardDataLayer::Setup ( const LayerProto proto,
const vector< SLayer > &  srclayers 

Setup layer properties.

Setup the shapes for data and parameters, also setup some properties based on the layer configuration and connected src layers.

srclayerslayers connecting to this layer

Implements singa::DataLayer.

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