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singa::ParamProto Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for singa::ParamProto:

Public Types

typedef ParamProto_InitMethod InitMethod

Public Member Functions

 ParamProto (const ParamProto &from)
ParamProtooperator= (const ParamProto &from)
::google::protobuf::UnknownFieldSet & 
unknown_fields () const
inline::google::protobuf::UnknownFieldSet * mutable_unknown_fields ()
void Swap (ParamProto *other)
ParamProtoNew () const
void CopyFrom (const ::google::protobuf::Message &from)
void MergeFrom (const ::google::protobuf::Message &from)
void CopyFrom (const ParamProto &from)
void MergeFrom (const ParamProto &from)
void Clear ()
bool IsInitialized () const
int ByteSize () const
bool MergePartialFromCodedStream (::google::protobuf::io::CodedInputStream *input)
void SerializeWithCachedSizes (::google::protobuf::io::CodedOutputStream *output) const
::google::protobuf::uint8 * SerializeWithCachedSizesToArray (::google::protobuf::uint8 *output) const
int GetCachedSize () const
::google::protobuf::Metadata GetMetadata () const
bool has_name () const
void clear_name ()
const ::std::string & name () const
void set_name (const ::std::string &value)
void set_name (const char *value)
void set_name (const char *value, size_t size)
inline::std::string * mutable_name ()
inline::std::string * release_name ()
void set_allocated_name (::std::string *name)
bool has_id () const
void clear_id ()
inline::google::protobuf::int32 id () const
void set_id (::google::protobuf::int32 value)
int shape_size () const
void clear_shape ()
inline::google::protobuf::int32 shape (int index) const
void set_shape (int index,::google::protobuf::int32 value)
void add_shape (::google::protobuf::int32 value)
< ::google::protobuf::int32 > & 
shape () const
< ::google::protobuf::int32 > * 
mutable_shape ()
bool has_split_threshold () const
void clear_split_threshold ()
inline::google::protobuf::int32 split_threshold () const
void set_split_threshold (::google::protobuf::int32 value)
bool has_partition_dim () const
void clear_partition_dim ()
inline::google::protobuf::int32 partition_dim () const
void set_partition_dim (::google::protobuf::int32 value)
bool has_owner () const
void clear_owner ()
inline::google::protobuf::int32 owner () const
void set_owner (::google::protobuf::int32 value)
bool has_init_method () const
void clear_init_method ()
inline::singa::ParamProto_InitMethod init_method () const
void set_init_method (::singa::ParamProto_InitMethod value)
bool has_value () const
void clear_value ()
float value () const
void set_value (float value)
bool has_low () const
void clear_low ()
float low () const
void set_low (float value)
bool has_high () const
void clear_high ()
float high () const
void set_high (float value)
bool has_mean () const
void clear_mean ()
float mean () const
void set_mean (float value)
bool has_std () const
void clear_std ()
float std () const
void set_std (float value)
bool has_learning_rate_multiplier () const
void clear_learning_rate_multiplier ()
float learning_rate_multiplier () const
void set_learning_rate_multiplier (float value)
bool has_weight_decay_multiplier () const
void clear_weight_decay_multiplier ()
float weight_decay_multiplier () const
void set_weight_decay_multiplier (float value)

Static Public Member Functions

static const
::google::protobuf::Descriptor * 
descriptor ()
static const ParamProtodefault_instance ()
static bool InitMethod_IsValid (int value)
static const
::google::protobuf::EnumDescriptor * 
InitMethod_descriptor ()
static const ::std::string & InitMethod_Name (InitMethod value)
static bool InitMethod_Parse (const ::std::string &name, InitMethod *value)

Static Public Attributes

static const InitMethod kConstant = ParamProto_InitMethod_kConstant
static const InitMethod kGaussian = ParamProto_InitMethod_kGaussian
static const InitMethod kUniform = ParamProto_InitMethod_kUniform
static const InitMethod kPretrained = ParamProto_InitMethod_kPretrained
static const InitMethod kGaussainSqrtFanIn = ParamProto_InitMethod_kGaussainSqrtFanIn
static const InitMethod kUniformSqrtFanIn = ParamProto_InitMethod_kUniformSqrtFanIn
static const InitMethod kUniformSqrtFanInOut = ParamProto_InitMethod_kUniformSqrtFanInOut
static const InitMethod InitMethod_MIN
static const InitMethod InitMethod_MAX
static const int InitMethod_ARRAYSIZE
static const int kNameFieldNumber = 1
static const int kIdFieldNumber = 2
static const int kShapeFieldNumber = 3
static const int kSplitThresholdFieldNumber = 4
static const int kPartitionDimFieldNumber = 5
static const int kOwnerFieldNumber = 6
static const int kInitMethodFieldNumber = 7
static const int kValueFieldNumber = 8
static const int kLowFieldNumber = 9
static const int kHighFieldNumber = 10
static const int kMeanFieldNumber = 11
static const int kStdFieldNumber = 12
static const int kLearningRateMultiplierFieldNumber = 13
static const int kWeightDecayMultiplierFieldNumber = 14


void protobuf_AddDesc_model_2eproto ()
void protobuf_AssignDesc_model_2eproto ()
void protobuf_ShutdownFile_model_2eproto ()

Member Data Documentation

const int singa::ParamProto::InitMethod_ARRAYSIZE
Initial value:
const InitMethod singa::ParamProto::InitMethod_MAX
Initial value:
const InitMethod singa::ParamProto::InitMethod_MIN
Initial value:

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