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Discussion topics: OpenJPA 1.0, OpenJPA 1.1, JPA 2.0, SDO, etc.

  • JPA 2.0: Any of OpenJPA members on the expert group?

    Patrick will be on the EG. There will be a lurker list set up by each EG member for internal discussions.

  • Does Apache want to have representation on the JPA 2.0 EG? There would be an advantage for OpenJPA community members who are not privy to an internal lurker alias, to be able to participate in the discussion.

    AI: Craig poll the openjpa community to see if they want to participate under NDA in the EG under rules established by the Spec Lead. If positive, discuss with Apache JCP representative how to do it. We would need a closed Apache-JPA mail alias for discussion and an EG representative to forward comments to the expert group.

  • Roadmap for OpenJPA. It would be nice to have an idea of when releases should come out.

    What about picking a date, for example, August 20 for branching the release. Everyone who wants a bug fixed for the release, do it by then. Marc has volunteered to be release manager. He goes on vacation August 31 so if the release is delayed beyond that point, someone else needs to push it. AI Craig propose a release date and strategy to the community.

  • What about the next releases?

    Craig earlier volunteered to start the roadmap discussion.

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