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Running the OpenJPA Examples

The examples are packaged so that they run after extracting the openjpa binary distribution. Running directly from the source tree may take some work (not documented here).

  1. Build the openjpa binaries

    $ mvn clean install
  2. extract the binary distribution to a temporary directory

    $ cd openjpa-project/target/site/downloads/
    $ unzip -qq -d temp *binary*.zip
    $ cd temp/$openjpa-version/examples
  3. run the helloJPA sample

    $ cd hellojpa
    $ ant
    $ cd ..
  4. run the relations sample

    $ cd relations
    $ ant
    $ cd ..
  5. run the reversemapping sample

    Currently only works on unix platforms

    $ cd reversemapping
    $ ant
    $ cd ..
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