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Release Artifact Locations

These mappings locate where the release artifacts are being stored:

Content in // is now under Apache's control. This folder used to contain build and documentation contents. After CMS migration, this folder is restricted and become read-only.

    Folder Descriptions
    / Eclipse project home with CMS server start command and build scripts
    /content OpenJPA home pages (*.mdtext) supported by Apache's Content Management System (CMS)
    /content/.htacess OpenJPA web pages redirect definitions; use to forward nightly documentation builds to non-svn controlled storage.
    /content/artifacts files for download from pages
    /content/images pictures used by .html
    /templates/standard.html overall frame with navigation, header and footer


    Folder Descriptions
    / .html pages converted from .mdtext after commits.
    /builds Manuals, Javadoc and RELEASE-NOTES.html of all the official OpenJPA releases.
    /docs Manuals and Javadoc of incubating OpenJPA releases.
    /mail Mail archives.

  3. //

    Folder Descriptions
    / Published contents from
    /builds, /docs and /mail Published contents from[builds|docs|mail]


    Folder Descriptions
    /**-SNAPSHOT Nightly build binary and source contents from Jenkin
    OPENJPA.* Jenkin OpenJPA build jobs

  5. //

    Folder Descriptions
    /** Current distribution content.

  6. //

    Folder Descriptions
    /** Archive contents from //; read only.

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