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OpenJPA Eclipse Tooling

Eclipse Update Site is the current Update Site of the OpenJPA Eclipse Tooling. (It will probably still change.)

How to install the OpenJPA Eclipse Tooling

  1. Get Eclipse min. version 3.4
  2. Install the OpenJPA Eclipse Tooling feature from the URL shown above
    1. For Eclipse v3.4:
      1. menu Help > Software Updates, click "Add Site..."
      2. Copy/paste the URL above into Location, and "OK"
      3. Check the OpenJPA Eclipse Feature, and "Install..."
      4. Click "Next", accept the terms of the license agreement, Finish.
      5. Restart Eclipse
    2. For Eclipse v3.5:
      1. TBD
  3. FYI, menu Help > About > Plug-in Details should now show plug-ins with names "OpenJPA ..."
  4. Go to How to use the OpenJPA Eclipse Tooling Builder for Bytecode Enhancement to see how to use this thing
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