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OpenJPA 2.0.1

The Apache OpenJPA community is proud to announce the maintenance release of Apache OpenJPA 2.0.1. As with the prior 2.0.0 release, this distribution is based on the final JSR 317 Java Persistence API, Version 2.0 specification and passes the JPA 2.0 TCK, while remaining backwards compatible with the prior 1.2.x releases based on the Java Persistence API (JPA 1.0) part of Java Community Process JSR-220 (Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0). For a list of all the new features of JPA 2.0, please checkout the OpenJPA 2.0.0 release notes.

Additional information on the OpenJPA project may be found at the project web site .

Changes in OpenJPA 2.0.1


  • OPENJPA-1635 Reduce lock contention in MetaDataRepository.processRegisteredClasses
  • OPENJPA-1638 Add test variation to TestNamedQueryLockMode


  • OPENJPA-1424 Out of bounds exception using fetch plan
  • OPENJPA-1641 SybaseDictionary should try both JDBC column names and Sybase specific column names
  • OPENJPA-1668 User's ''DBDictionary.sequenceSQL' setting not being honored on zOS
  • OPENJPA-1678 SQL Parameter values may contain sensitive information and should not be logged by default.
  • OPENJPA-1679 Index name too long for DB2 zOS when schema is present
  • OPENJPA-1690 DistinctResultList is not Serializable
  • OPENJPA-1704 PCEnhancer incorrectly generates readExternal
  • OPENJPA-1713 OutOfMemory caused by EntityManagerImpl.push/popFetchPlan processing
  • OPENJPA-1714 Consider openjpa.Optimistic setting when calculating the default lock mode to apply to a named query
  • OPENJPA-1715 OpenJPA generates wrong SQL if a result variable that references an aggregate expression is used in ORDER BY clause
  • OPENJPA-1719 Prepared SQL cache ordering problem with subqueries.
  • OPENJPA-1722 Problem serializing DistinctResultList when EntityManager is closed
  • OPENJPA-1737 The openjpa-2.0.0.jar does not have its MANIFEST.MF has the first entry
  • OPENJPA-1742 Recover if connectionFactory on EntityManagerFactory is invalid but cf on EntityManager is valid.
  • OPENJPA-1749 Throw exception if using datacache / synchronize mappings and specifying datasource name at EM creation.
  • OPENJPA-1753 TestMixedLockManagerLockPermutation: Timing issue determines the pass/no-pass of the test case


  • OPENJPA-1637 Upgrade to latest Geronimo Specs for JPA2 and Bean Validation
  • OPENJPA-1673 Update MetaDataRepository docs
  • OPENJPA-1712 Upgrade builds to use Apache hosted Nexus repo
  • OPENJPA-1735 Mark commons-logging as provided in the build to remove transient maven dependency
  • OPENJPA-1771 Upgrade to latest Apache BVAL for testing and apache-rat plugin
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