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OpenBooks is a sample (and perhaps, simple) application featuring some of the new features in JPA 2.0. This demonstration features usage of new JPA 2.0 features such as

  • Criteria Query
  • Compound, Derived identity
  • Orphan Delete
  • Persistent Domain Model API

The sample application shows essential build and packaging steps for both as

  • a Swing-based JSE application and
  • a typical Web Application Archive (*.war) ready to be deployed in a Java Enterprise container.

OpenBooks demonstrates few useful practices in domain modeling such as composite persistent relations, isolating immutable state for better cache utilization, immutable relationship etc. Architecturally, OpenBooks uses a design pattern to enable the same persistence service be used inside and outside a managed environment. Such patterns vastly speeds up develop-test-debug cycle for persistence and object-relation mapping functionality outside a container.


The source code and build script for OpenBooks is available in OpenJPA SubVersion repository under openjpa-examples/openbooks

To access the source code

$ svn co


  • Follow the instruction to build and run OpenBooks. These instructions can also be found also in index.html at the OpenBooks root directory.

Here are few screen shots of OpenBooks running as a Swing Application.

Selecting and Purchasing Books


Persistent Domain Model (as a Powerpoint Slide)


Browsing the same domain model via Metamodel API


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