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OpenJPA 2.0 Tasks

JPA 2.0 Spec Features

Status JIRA(s) Effort Summary Area JPA 2.0 Spec Reference(s)
Complete OPENJPA-1358 Low Added find method that accepts properties (no lock mode) EM 3.1.1
Complete OPENJPA-1358 Low New refresh method that accepts properties (no lock mode) EM 3.1.1
Complete OPENJPA-1358 Low Verify cache mode properties support on find, refresh and Query Cache 3.7.2
Complete OPENJPA-1306 Medium Added new javax.persistence.lock.scope property Locking 3.4.3
Complete OPENJPA-1253 Medium Review @JoinColumn elements for behavioral changes Mapping 11.1.21
Complete OPENJPA-1306 Medium Review clarifications to locking modes Locking 3.4.3
Complete Low Review chapter on deployment and bootstrapping contracts for updates. General Ch 9
Complete OPENJPA-1270 Low Assert that relationships defined in a mapped superclass must be unidirectional. General 2.11.2
Complete Spec updated TBD New JPQL reserved identifiers. JPQL 4.4.1
Complete OPENJPA-1069 Low Review @OrderBy for behavioral changes Mapping 11.1.38
Complete OPENJPA-1274 Low Test CascadeType.DETACH via orm.xml Testing 12.3
Complete Routine JPQL BNF update Low Updated single_valued_path_expression definition JPQL 4.4.4
Complete Routine JPQL BNF update Low New JPQL reserved identifiers should not be used as result variables JPQL 4.4.1
Complete OPENJPA-1272 Low attribute-override and association-override available from element-collection XML schema type Mapping 12.3
Complete OPENJPA-1271 Medium Support for CacheRetrieveMode and CacheStoreMode properties. Cache 3.7.2
Complete OPENJPA-1264 Low Cacheable attribute added to entity element in orm.xml Cache, 12.3
Complete OPENJPA-1264 Medium Cacheable annotation Cache 3.7, 11.1.7
Complete OPENJPA-1266 Low Support for JDBC escape sequence for date/time literals (6/19 rev) JPQL 4.6.1
Complete OPENJPA-1240 Low Allow Lob, Temporal, Enumerated annotations to be applied to element collections annotations and in XML. Mapping 11.1.16, 11.1.24, 11.1.47
Complete OPENJPA-1264 Low Cache mode elements added to persistence.xml Cache 3.7.1, 3.7.2, 8.3
Complete OPENJPA-1228 Low Default value change of exclude-unlisted-classes element General (7/23)
Complete OPENJPA-1251 Low EntityManagerFactory getProperties returns Map of EMF 7.4
Complete OPENJPA-1251 Medium Added setProperty method EM 3.1.1
Complete OPENJPA-1013 High Build strictly-typed Criteria API Criteria Ch 6
Complete OPENJPA-1014 High Build weakly-typed Criteria API Criteria Ch 6
Complete OPENJPA-1180 High Added getParameters, getParameterValue, getParameter methods to Query interface Typed Parameters 3.8.1, 3.8.5
Complete OPENJPA-1009 High Populate canonical meta-model for strictly typed Criteria Query building Metamodel Ch 5
Complete OPENJPA-1010 High Instantiate meta-model classes for JPA 2.0 from source code annotations Metamodel Ch 5
Complete OPENJPA-1008 High Generate meta-model for JPA 2.0 Metamodel Ch 5
Complete OPENJPA-1235 Low Optional name element to UniqueConstraint annotation and corresponding XML type. Mapping 11.1.49, 12.3
Complete OPENJPA-1107 Medium Provide TraversableResolver for use with Bean Validation Factory Spec API
Complete OPENJPA-1013 Low Modified getQueryBuilder to return updated criteria query builder EMF, Criteria 7.4
Complete OPENJPA-1010 Low New getMetamodel method EMF, Metamodel 7.4
Complete OPENJPA-1191 High Implement Typed Query interface Typed Query 3.8.1, 3.8.5
Complete OPENJPA-1191 High Implement Tuple interface Typed Query 3.8.1, 3.8.5
Complete OPENJPA-1068 High Support Bean Validation: Entity validation upon lifecycle events. Bean Validation 3.6, 3.2.9
Complete OPENJPA-1082 Low Validation target groups via persistence.xml or createEMF properties Map Bean Validation, 8.3
Complete OPENJPA-1013 Low Modified createQuery to accept updated criteria query definition EM, Criteria 3.1.1
Complete OPENJPA-1013 Low Modified getQueryBuilder to return updated criteria query builder EM, Criteria 3.1.1.
Complete OPENJPA-995 High Migrate existing Criteria Query implementation as OpenJPA extension Criteria Ch 6
Complete OPENJPA-1069 Medium OrderBy annotation applied to an element collection of basic type doesn't require property or field name Mapping 11.1.38
Complete OPENJPA-1055 Medium Added MapKeyEnumerated and MapKeyTemporal annotations and XML. Mapping 11.1.30, 11.1.33, 12.3
Complete OPENJPA-937 Medium Allow use of AssociationOverrides with mapped superclass relationships. Mapping 11.1.2
Complete OPENJPA-926 Medium Support persistent access types including @Access annotation and AccessType enum and XML General 2.3, 11.1.1,,, 12.3
Complete OPENJPA-1034 Low Remove contiguous and base elements from OrderColumn annotation Mapping 11.1.39
Complete OPENJPA-1032 Low Removal and revert behavior of getNamedParameters and getPositionalParameters Query 3.8.1
Complete OPENJPA-1013 Low Added getMetamodel method EM, Metamodel 3.1.1
Complete OPENJPA-773 Low Renamed clear method to detach EM 3.1.1
Complete OPENJPA-773 Low Changed target-entity attribute to target-class in element-collection Mapping 12.3
Complete OPENJPA-773 Low Update pessimistic lock mode names Locking 3.4.4
Complete OPENJPA-878 Low Timeouts are in milliseconds. Query, Locking 3.8.8,
Complete OPENJPA-773 Low Renamed cascade CLEAR to DETACH EM 3.1.1, 3.2.6
Complete OPENJPA-1077 Low Validation-mode element support added to persistence.xml and to createEMF properties Map Bean Validation, 8.3
Complete OPENJPA-1102 Low Support application/container provided ValidatorFactory Bean Validation 3.6.2
Complete OPENJPA-1076 Medium PersistenceProviderResolver interface and PersistenceProviderResolverHolder class Spec API 9.3

Task list for JSR-317 10/31/2008 public draft

Other Improvements

Status JIRA Summary
Not Started OPENJPA-1011 Instantiate meta-model classes for JPA 2.0 from XML descriptors
Complete OPENJPA-766 Tests that currently fail should be committed to the repository
Complete OPENJPA-5 Allow compilation with JDK 6
Complete OPENJPA-1114 Bean Validation APIs should be an optional runtime dependency
Complete OPENJPA-1113 Reflection class performance improvement

General Tasks

Status JIRA Summary
Not Started OPENJPA-837 OpenJPA does not fully support database catalogs
Not Started OPENJPA-910 Allow multiple keys for the same property to be specified at different levels
Complete OPENJPA-773 Upgrade to JPA 2 - umbrella task - includes updating spec API
Complete OPENJPA-757 Map existing OpenJPA extensions to new features of JPA 2.0
Complete OPENJPA-1103 Remove early-access disclaimer from the NOTICE files once the spec is released
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