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Apply an Eclipse Patch to DayTrader

You can apply an Eclipse patch to DayTrader for the Criteria API changes

Setting up Eclipse

First install eclipse by going to http:/ and downloading a version of it. These instructions assume version 3.5. Unzip the downloaded file into a directory. You can start eclipse by running eclipse.exe in the eclipse directory.

Next install subclipse, the Subversion Eclipse Plugin:

  1. In Eclipse, go to Help -> Install New software
  2. Click on Add button - Enter Subclipse for Name and for location
  3. Select the Subclipse Plugin and click Next -> Next
  4. Read and accept the license and click Finish

Generate eclipse files for the DayTrader project. From the DayTrader/branches/2.1.3 directory, type "mvn eclipse:eclipse"

Set the M2_REPO classpath variable in Eclipse:

  1. Go to Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Build Path -> Classpath Variables
  2. Add a new variable called M2_REPO, set to the maven repository directory..

Import DayTrader projects into Eclipse.

  1. From Eclipse, Click on File -> Import...
  2. Under the General folder, select Existing Projects into Workspace and click on Next.
  3. Enter the root directory of DayTrader/branches/2.1.3
  4. Select all projects and click Finish

Applying the Patch

Replace the following files in your local file system copy of DayTrader:

  • the pom.xml file in the root (Daytrader/branches/2.1.3) directory with pom.xml.
  • for Geronimo only - the createDerbyDB.bat\|.sh file in the DayTrader/branches/2.1.3/bin/dbscripts/derby directory with the appropriate one of the following: createDerbyDB.bat or

Apply these changes:

  1. Re-run "mvn eclipse:eclipse" from your Daytrader/branches/2.1.3 directory.
  2. Refresh your eclipse workspace.

Apply the eclipse based patch using the following:

  1. Download the appropriate patch: 
    1. for Geronimo -  daytrader_geronimo_eclipse.patch
    2. for WebSphere - daytrader_websphere_eclipse.patch
  2. In the Package Explorer view, select all daytrader projects
  3. Right click and select Team -> Apply Patch
  4. Enter the path to the downloaded patch and click Finish
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