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After our meeting, Patrick did some analysis of our current API and where we might want to take it. Here are some initial observations. Please comment as appropriate.

  • OpenJPAEntityManager extends EntityTransaction; should it?

    • clr no, I like your idea below to add an OpenJPAEntityTransaction interface, so users could do OpenJPAEntityTransaction tx = (OpenJPAEntityTransaction)em.getTransaction();
  • StoreCache, QueryResultCache, Extent, FetchPlan, Generator, OpenJPAQuery all have getDelegate() calls that return an underlying kernel implementation detail. Maybe these should be pushed down to theh impl classes only?

    • clr I agree these don't belong in OpenJPAEntityManager
  • OpenJPAEntityManager and OpenJPAEntityManagerFactory both have a getConfiguration() method. Maybe this should be pushed down to the impl classes only?

    • clr I don't know when I would use the Configuration, so no opinion on this one.
  • OpenJPAEntityManager.getManagedRuntime() should be pushed down to impl only

    • clr I agree
  • The following methods in OpenJPAPersistence return things that are not currently part of what I consider a user-focused API:

    • clr I agree.
  • We have a bunch of methods in OpenJPAEntityManager that seem like they should belong on a new OpenJPAEntityTransaction interface:

    public void commitAndResume();
    public void rollbackAndResume();
    public void setRollbackOnly(); (already part of EntityTransaction)
    public void setRollbackOnly(Throwable cause);
    public Throwable getRollbackCause();
    public boolean isStoreActive();
    public void setSavepoint(String name);
    public void rollbackToSavepoint();
    public void rollbackToSavepoint(String name);
    public void releaseSavepoint();
    public void preFlush();
    • clr All of these seem like transaction-focused methods that belong in OpenJPAEntityTransaction...
    • pcl: I moved the commit / rollback / rollbackOnly stuff into OpenJPAEntityTransaction, but things are trickier for the rest of the methods: you can only call EM.getTransaction() when not in a JTA context, and these other methods are valuable in a JTA env as well as a non-JTA env. So, we can either leave them on OpenJPAEM or create some other interface for them.
  • I don't like the OpenJPAEntityManager.setLargeTransaction() method name - I'd like to rename it to setTrackChangesByType() instead, since it better reflects what the method does. (We can easily deprecate the old method if desired.)

    • clr I kinda like setLargeTransaction. It's more "task-oriented". pcl: The thing is that if you are using large transactions, you might want to call either (or both) setLargeTx() and setPopulateDataCache(), depending on the nature of the tx workload.
  • I think that it might make sense to move OpenJPAEntityManager.setPopulateDataCache() to FetchPlan, and rename FetchPlan.setQueryResultCache() to setPopulateQueryResultCache(). (We can easily deprecate the old methods if desired.)

    • clr No opinion here.
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