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OpenJPA 2.1 Roadmap

We'll try to maintain this page with delivered and planned features for the OpenJPA 2.1.0 release, so check back often.

Planned Features

  • Built-in connection pooling for Java SE applications
    • Inclusion of commons-dbcp in openjpa-all.jar and the binary distribution
    • Ability to configure or disable commons-dbcp
  • Built-in Bean Validation Provider
    • Inclusion of Apache Bean Validation Provider in openjpa-all.jar and the binary distribution
  • Additional Database Support
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
    • Microsoft SQL JDBC driver v3.0
    • IBM solidDB
  • Additional Samples
    • OpenBook
    • Image Gallery
    • OpenTrader
  • Instrumentation and Platform MBean support
    • Pluggable instrumentation support
    • Remote monitoring of OpenJPA's caches using JMX
  • New Tools

Migration Issues

  • This release will officially drop support for Java SE 5. Anyone requiring Java SE 5 support will have to continue using OpenJPA 2.0.x, which is fully JPA 2.0 compliant.

Release Plan

A 2.1.x branch is available in SVN and 2.1.0 release preparations are underway. The OpenJPA team is planning to deliver a 2.1.0 release in late January, 2011.

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