org.apache.mina.examples.echoserver Echo server which demonstates low-level I/O layer and SSL support.
org.apache.mina.examples.echoserver.ssl SSL support classes.
org.apache.mina.examples.httpserver Simplistic HTTP server which demonstates stream-based I/O support.
org.apache.mina.examples.netcat NetCat client (Network + Unix cat command) which demonstates low-level I/O layer.
org.apache.mina.examples.reverser Reverser server which reverses all text lines demonstating high-level protocol layer.
org.apache.mina.examples.sumup SumUp Server and Client which sums up all ADD requests.
org.apache.mina.examples.sumup.codec Protocol codec implementation for SumUp protocol.
org.apache.mina.examples.sumup.message Protocol mmessage classes for SumUp protocol. Two tennis players play a game which demonstates in-VM pipes.