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Packages that use FileItemHeaders
org.apache.wicket.util.upload Protocol independent upload utilities. 

Uses of FileItemHeaders in org.apache.wicket.util.upload

Classes in org.apache.wicket.util.upload that implement FileItemHeaders
 class FileItemHeadersImpl
          Default implementation of the FileItemHeaders interface.

Methods in org.apache.wicket.util.upload that return FileItemHeaders
 FileItemHeaders FileItemHeadersSupport.getHeaders()
          Returns the collection of headers defined locally within this item.
 FileItemHeaders DiskFileItem.getHeaders()
          Returns the file item headers.
protected  FileItemHeaders FileUploadBase.getParsedHeaders(String headerPart)
           Parses the header-part and returns as key/value pairs.

Methods in org.apache.wicket.util.upload with parameters of type FileItemHeaders
protected  String FileUploadBase.getFieldName(FileItemHeaders headers)
          Retrieves the field name from the Content-disposition header.
protected  String FileUploadBase.getFileName(FileItemHeaders headers)
          Retrieves the file name from the Content-disposition header.
 void FileItemHeadersSupport.setHeaders(FileItemHeaders headers)
          Sets the headers read from within an item.
 void DiskFileItem.setHeaders(FileItemHeaders pHeaders)
          Sets the file item headers.

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