Package org.apache.wicket.util.string

String utilities.


Interface Summary
IStringIterator Typesafe string iterator interface
IStringSequence Typesafe interface to an ordered sequence of strings.

Class Summary
AbstractStringList An abstract base class for string list implementations.
AppendingStringBuffer This is a copy or combination of java.lang.StringBuffer and java.lang.String It has a special method getValue() which returns the internal char array.
CssUtils Utility methods for CSS.
JavascriptStripper Strips comments and whitespace from javascript
JavascriptUtils Provide some helpers to write javascript related tags to the response object.
PrependingStringBuffer This is a prepending stringbuffer optimized for constantly prepending strings to the front of the buffer.
StringList A typesafe, mutable list of strings supporting a variety of convenient operations as well as expected operations from List such as add(), size(), remove(), iterator(), get(int index) and toArray().
Strings A variety of static String utility methods.
StringValue Holds an immutable String value and optionally a Locale, with methods to convert to various types.
UrlUtils Various url utilities

Exception Summary
StringValueConversionException Thrown when a string value cannot be converted to some type.

Package org.apache.wicket.util.string Description

String utilities.

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