Package org.apache.wicket.util.resource

Base support for resources.


Interface Summary
IFixedLocationResourceStream Non-dynamic resource streams point to fixed locations, like a file or a url.
IResourceStream Interface to a streamed resource.
IResourceStreamWriter Special IResourceStream implementation that a Resource can return when it directly wants to write to an output stream instead of return the IResourceStream.getInputStream().
IStringResourceStream A resource that can be converted to a String representation, possibly using an explicit Charset.

Class Summary
AbstractResourceStreamWriter Base implementation of an IResourceStreamWriter so that you only have to override the IResourceStreamWriter.write( Don't forget to overwrite the IResourceStream.length() method if you do know the total length that will be generated.
AbstractStringResourceStream Base class for string resources.
FileResourceStream A FileResourceStream is an IResource implementation for files.
PackageResourceStream An IResourceStream that reads data from a resource in the classpath.
StringBufferResourceStream A string resource that can be appended to.
StringResourceStream A StringResourceStream is an IResource implementation for strings.
UrlResourceStream UrlResourceStream implements IResource for URLs.
WebExternalResourceStream An IResourceStream that reads data from a file in the web application
XSLTResourceStream IResourceStream that applies XSLT on an input IResourceStream.
ZipResourceStream An IResourceStream that ZIPs a directory's contents on the fly

Exception Summary
ResourceStreamNotFoundException Thrown if a required resource cannot be found.

Package org.apache.wicket.util.resource Description

Base support for resources.

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